Increasing Conversion Rates for a Fitness Center


In today's fast-paced world, fitness centers are facing stiff competition from home-based workout solutions. Hence, it's important for fitness centers to find innovative ways to attract and retain customers. Conversational text marketing can be an effective way to increase conversion rates and improve customer engagement.

In this case study, we'll explore how a fitness center can leverage conversational texting to achieve its marketing goals.

Company Information

The fitness center is a medium-sized gym located in a suburban area with a diverse clientele. The gym offers a range of fitness classes and personal training services.

The gym has been in business for over 10 years, but in recent times, it has seen a decline in membership rates due to the rise of home-based workout solutions.

Effective Ways of Integrating Conversational Texting

Opt-in Text Messaging Program

The fitness center can create an opt-in text messaging program that allows customers to receive promotions, discounts, and fitness tips via text message. This will create a direct communication channel with customers, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates.

Personalized Text Messages

The gym can use conversational text marketing to send personalized messages to customers, such as workout reminders and congratulatory messages on achieving fitness milestones. Personalization can help create a stronger connection with customers and increase retention rates.

Feedback Surveys

The fitness center can use conversational text marketing to send feedback surveys to customers, allowing them to share their opinions and suggestions. This can help the gym improve its services and cater to the needs of its customers better.

Goals and Metrics for Success

The fitness center's main goal is to increase membership rates and retention rates. The gym can measure success by tracking the number of opt-ins, responses, and conversions resulting from the text messaging program. The gym can also track customer satisfaction through feedback surveys and use the feedback to make improvements to its services.



The fitness center can target existing customers who have opted in to receive text messages. The gym can also target potential customers who have expressed interest in fitness services.


The gym can create messaging content that is engaging, informative, and personalized. The messages can include fitness tips, promotional offers, and reminders about upcoming classes and events.


The gym can use a bulk messaging platform to send text messages to its customers. The platform can allow the gym to schedule messages, track responses, and segment customers based on demographics and interests.


Zipwhip is now the central mode of client communication for The Bar Method Atlanta. The team uses it for follow-ups when members don’t attend their scheduled class and as an outreach tool for new and potential clients. The studios now experience better response rates since texting via Zipwhip’s platform is a subtler and less intrusive sales tactic than a phone call. The team also loves Zipwhip’s integration with MINDBODY because of the class waitlist feature. The platform automatically texts the next person on a waitlist to
fill open spots as they become available, assuring that classes are always full. Clients love it because receiving texts makes them feel like they’re getting exclusive treatment or are part of an insider’s club. Zipwhip has also been an excellent tool for the studio's internal organization and efficiency.

Message archives allow the team to save and track each conversation, helping ensure every staff member is on the same page. Prior to using Zipwhip, the studios consistently
missed opportunities to fill classes because they lacked an efficient way to let customers on the waitlist know that spots had opened. Now, the team no longer faces this issue and regularly fills classes. This alone has resulted in an estimated additional $680 per week to the studio’s revenue.

Potential Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles


The fitness center can address privacy concerns by providing clear opt-in and opt-out instructions, using secure messaging platforms, and adhering to industry best practices.


The fitness center can avoid overwhelming customers with messages by sending targeted messages that are relevant and valuable to the customer.


The fitness center can increase response rates by incentivizing customers to respond, such as by offering discounts and promotions for responding to surveys or booking classes.


Conversational text marketing can be an effective way for fitness centers to increase customer engagement, retention rates, and conversion rates. By creating personalized messaging content and using targeted distribution channels, fitness centers can create a direct communication channel with customers and achieve their marketing goals.

As a marketing strategist, we can help fitness centers develop and implement a conversational text marketing strategy tailored to their unique needs and goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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