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With our groundbreaking technology and 16-years of hands-on SEO experience, we are offering our unique Pay Per Result Page #1 ranking SEO service that'll help you get the first-page Google ranking that you've always desired.

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The first step – We carry out thorough keywords research and consider any of your previous SEO & Google Advertising results and your business goals.

The next step – We recommend 10 keywords to kickstart the process, which includes both long-tail and high-volume terms, to help you rank faster and enjoy the initial SEO traffic, while we work hard on the tougher-to-rank high-volume phrases.

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Pricing & FAQ

Does Local Services USA also provide Regular SEO Services?

Absolutely! We offer anything and everything that
works best for our clients.

What'll the Pay Per Result SEO campaign cost?

Most of our Pay Per Result SEO campaigns range between $650 and $950 per month for the keywords you choose. If you don't rank, you don't need to pay us a single dime.

What's Local SEO?

Local SEO means ranking your business for the local searches. For example, let's say you run a pest control business in New York. When people in New York search for a pest control business, your website will be the one that appears on the first page. But if someone from California is looking, they won’t be seeing you on the first page..

What's better: SEO or Paid Advertising?

It's complementary. Together, SEO & paid advertising will help you increase your overall reach and reduce your CPC. This will result in reduced customer acquisition costs.

Do you run national SEO campaigns?

The national SEO campaigns are also result based.

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Let Your Website Fly High With Our Search Engine Optimization Service

You will greatly appreciate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you digitally develop, manage, and market content using Google. SEO is about making your website appear appealing to search engines so they can fly high. When you create content for publication – usually about your brand – search engines read those contents and index them based on set standards to ensure that your target audience gets relevant results to their query.

The entire scope of Search Engine Optimization – as the name implies – is to help you optimize your website (content) to get ranked for relevance when search engines make service, information, research, or product demands.

Our service is for business owners who want to generate more traffic by creating engaging content online. Read this to the end if you’re interested in knowing the best SEO practices that can take your website to the next level.

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Inies Thompson

Before We Begin

As we proceed, it is expedient that you learn the specific terms used within the confines of SEO for better understanding and terrific knowledge.



To crawl in SEO means to search for new or modified web pages. Google search engines discover URLs by doing any of the following;

  • Reading sitemaps
  • Trailing web page links

Google search engine will periodically crawl the internet in search of new web pages, then index them at the appropriate time and place.



This is the term used for a directory of pages stored by Google. The index of an individual page explains the location (URL) and content of that page. See the index as a pointer to the essence of a web page. Google search engine performs the indexing process by fetching a web page, reading it, and then proceeding to index it. Several web pages are indexed by Google every day.



You often hear this word as you venture into technical SEO. A crawler is a machine (automated software) built to source new web pages on the internet and then index those pages.

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An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

To get a noticeable profit from your website or digital business campaign, you must commit to understanding what Search Engine Optimization is and how it works. Getting traffic for your website isn’t something that happens overnight. You must ensure that you get to the top of the Google search engine result page to get discovered by people who require your service.

When SEO came into the limelight, Google’s algorithm was less complex, and all you had to do was to engage Google’s ranking factors. It allowed many websites and business owners to manipulate the algorithm's result effortlessly. At that time, Google’s algorithm was based on two elements, and you could easily get ranked if you knew how to maximize keyword density and build a bulky backlinks profile.

On the one hand, keyword density deals with how frequently you incorporate specific keywords into your content. On the other hand, the backlinks profile deals with the external links that direct users to your website. You’re probably thinking by now, “Boy, I’m late in the game.” Well, it depends on how you see it.

Right now, Search Engine Optimization is a different ball game entirely, transitioning from an easy-to-manipulate algorithm to a more sophisticated standard. And if you want your content to appear right on top of Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), you’ll need to do all the necessary work.

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SEO – A Better Alternative Than a Paid Advertisement?

The unique difference between Search Engine Optimization and a paid advert is that; adopting the standard of SEO for your business content development is an organic way to generate engagement and drive more traffic to your brand. This way, you don’t need to pay to get your brand in front of your target audience; all you have to do is to ensure that your contents are well optimized to search engine taste so that they appear on the result page when someone inquires about the type of service you offer.

Take a look at it from this angle. When someone heads over to Google and types “pepperoni pizza,” they are more likely to search for ingredients, recipes, or instructions on making pepperoni pizza. Now, if you have a publication that talks about these areas, you want to stay on top of other websites that have similar content on their website so that searchers can find your content first.

In addition, it is much unlike a paid advertisement, where you have to develop content for a defined audience and then pay to get it to them. Service and product inquiries happen on search engines, with Google taking up more than 75 percent of the searches. This implies that your business is more likely to be discovered through Search Engine Optimization than a paid advertisement.

This is not to undermine the power of advert placement, as it is a potent way for brands to get their content out there in no time. While SEO may take time to build, paid advertisement is more instantaneous. If you’re in to learn how to grow your business organically, then this SEO article will be your navigational system.

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Get ahead of the competition with Autocomplete-Optimization. Put your business at the top of search results and be the first option suggested to customers. Reach more people with this innovative approach to marketing.

Leverage the Power of Visibility Now!

Get Your Business Seen First

Get ahead of the competition with Autocomplete-Optimization. Put your business at the top of search results and be the first option suggested to customers. Reach more people with this innovative approach to marketing.

SEO – How it Works

Search Engine Optimization works by fundamental indexing and appropriately ranking websites or web pages according to set standards. Google uses a robot, an algorithm, and an index to rank websites. The robots – sometimes called spiders – are made up of codes designed to launch out on the web in search of new content on several web pages, which will later index in a massive directory.

An algorithm helps isolate contents in the index most relevant to a user's search. The breakdown is that SEO helps businesses improve their service delivery in reaching out to their target audience. On the other hand, it is very helpful in bringing the correct information about a product or service to users. Ultimately, Search Engine Optimization helps you lay hold on content that meets your needs.

If you must learn to optimize your content to rank top on search engine result pages, then there are some core elements you must understand. Each component is to be put into proper consideration if you are concerned about


On-Page SEO

On-page strategies for increasing your visibility are factors that lie within the publisher's control. This is also where you must learn to strike a healthy balance between publishing engaging and relevant content against wanting to rank on search engine result pages. On-page SEO for your website or brand involves the following factors:

  • The title of your content or page
  • Keywords
  • In-depth research

All of these factors must work together with the need of your audience at heart.

In addition, anchor texts and HTML headings provide clues for your audience and search engines about how relevant your content is to their search query. Overall, the structure of your website should help search engine crawlers seamlessly navigate your site to assist users in finding what they are looking for.


Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO factors are beyond the publisher's influence and cannot be directly modified. When search engines evaluate the content on your website, factors like the backlinks profile are considered as well as the geographic location of the user. This will help search engines provide the relevant result to each query.

These factors are not easily controlled from the publisher’s end but must be considered when optimizing your website for search engines.

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for businesses, marketers, and content creators

Your Game changing AI Marketing Platform

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The Basics of SEO in Content Marketing

It is time to learn how Search Engine Optimization works as a potent means of content marketing. Before beginning this article section, you must understand that SEO is not a magic wand that gives instant results. You must take time and action with a long-term perspective to see the desired result.

Now let us discuss the pillars of content marketing using Search Engine Optimization. We have outlined four fundamentals of SEO, so you will have a close-up view of what it looks like.

You must have heard the popular saying that “Content is king.” This is true in SEO as a means of raising your brand awareness. Why is this so? This is because users are delighted whenever they find search results that meet their needs. This implies that your primary job with SEO is to develop engaging and relevant content.

That’s hard to chew, right? Well, that’s because SEO is similar to other skills where you must put in considerable effort to realize tremendous results. In the same way that having the best marketing technique won’t help you make sales on a bad product, SEO is ineffective without quality content.

What Makes Good Content?

There are a plethora of elements that come into play when creating top-notch content. Here are a few of them.


Search engines place a lot of preference on the intent of the content. It strives to understand what the user is looking for each time they input a search query. Google, for example, will try to deduce if the user is;

  • Is trying to make a purchase
  • Wants to know about something
  • Planning to window shop
  • Requires a service

As a business owner and content creator, you must understand the importance of publishing content that meets the searcher’s intent by adopting this SEO method. You cannot create “best tripod stands” content and use “retort stand” as your seed keyword. This is pointless because people only need information about tripod stands, and creating content with an unrelated keyword provides them with the wrong information.


The quality of your content stands out of the bunch. Today, many online businesses have blogs that add value to their website and enable them to rank on Google. Creating quality content is not easy as it involves you putting in the extra effort to be unique. However, you don’t always have to come up with content from scratch as you can build on what other creators have made, adding more value to it and in-depth analysis to make it great.

The point is that your content must be informative and relevant to users' search intent. Your content is not solution-driven; users will waste no time clicking away from your web page in search of more quality content. So, to keep users visiting your site, there’s a need for continuous publication of quality content.


Freshness is another way to stay afloat in search engine ranking. When you publish quality content frequently, you stand a chance to get more noticed than websites that rarely publish content. However, the frequent content publication is just one way of signaling freshness to search engines. There are other ways to modify already published content and make it updated.

Updating old content with more recent and relevant information goes a long way in helping you rank high. Also, fixing broken links and refreshing old statistics help with content freshness.

Businesses often carry out keyword research for two primary reasons. The first is to rank high on Google, while the other is to create engaging content. Keyword research is beneficial for creating an opening for inspiration by showing you what it is that people want based on what they inquire about from Google.

What Makes Good Keyword Research?

There is more to keyword research and selection than combing through an endless list of keywords, picking anyone randomly. You need to understand the level of competition behind each keyword, as well as the intention. Quite fortunately, there are a bunch of keyword research tools that help with this information. Still, let’s study those factors that make up good keyword research.

Selecting the Right Keywords

Selecting the right keyword cannot be overemphasized when utilizing Search Engine Optimization for your content marketing. If your business offers a service that costs users $500 per month, you will attract the wrong audience, even if you rank #1 for a different keyword like “free service tips.”

The chosen keyword will mainly attract people searching for free services. That implies that you will get a lot of traffic on your website, but when action matters, they probably won’t subscribe to your service. When researching keywords for your content, you must understand the role of that keyword in achieving your business purpose. Think of it as a way of getting results rather than visits, even if it means giving away thousand-page visits.

Analyzing Keyword Competition

What’s next after selecting the most appropriate keyword for your content? You need a competent keyword tool to help you understand related keyword ideas. Naturally, you may gravitate towards keywords with high search numbers. Most businesses make the mistake of trading keyword competition analysis for keyword volume.

For example, the keyword “content marketing” gets up to 35,000 searches in a month. One can easily say, “Great! This has so much search volume; let me go for it”. However, the massive competition attached to the keyword is unknown to the business owner. You don’t just want to select an appropriate keyword; you want to ensure that you understand the competition around such keywords.

How to Select the Best Keyword

You can be sure of using the most appropriate keyword when you follow the selection advice below:

  1. Using Keyword Tools: That’s right! Selecting the best keyword for your content happens with the help of keyword tools like Ahrefs. These tools make life easier for you by giving you additional information about keywords and information like the competition you’re up against.
  1. Trail Your Competitors: Yes! You can also be sure of selecting the best keyword when you trail your competitors. If a business is ranking high for your chosen keyword, you can monitor what they are doing to rank high by inserting its site URL in a keyword tool.

As a business intending to grow, your website’s HTML is vital to Search Engine Optimization content marketing. You must have deployed the proper use of components like headers, title tags, Meta descriptions, and so on for a search engine like Google to grasp what your content is all about entirely. People often get discouraged when they find out HTML is a part of Search Engine Optimization. Don’t worry; you won’t be writing blocks of code.

What Makes Good HTML Practice in SEO

In this section of the article, we will look at key elements that play essential roles in HTML practice.

Meta Description

This section is more like the front cover of your publication, where you give readers a taste of the entire content. It is recommended that you optimize this section with the appropriate

keyword. Meta descriptions are always not more than 160 characters for easy display on PC and mobile.

Title Tags

The title tag of your content is what readers will click when your content comes up on the Google result page. This is the most crucial heading, with a blue/purple color that stands out. You want to ensure your title tag contains your primary keyword and is not unnecessarily prolonged.


The H1, H2, and H3… tags are perfect examples of subheadings. Using the proper order of subheadings in your content helps Google to read your page smoothly and helps the readers understand the flow of your content. The H1 header tag is for your content title, while H2, H3, and so on are descending subheadings. Using the proper subheading alongside other best HTML practices in SEO will present your content as relevant to search engines.

Alt Text

The function of alt text is to describe images in your content. This is a part of SEO, and many content creators do not use it. The essence of alt text is to make search engines read out what images in your content look like to readers with a visual impairment. You want to make this more descriptive, with a touch of keywords integrated.

Links are considered one of the key factors that get your content on top of Google SERPs. A strong link profile may take years to build, but you’ll be glad to have taken it the right way. Let’s show you the way around building solid links.

What Makes up a Solid Link Profile

Here are some essential factors to consider when building a link profile for your website.


It is not always about quantity when it comes to link building. You want to ensure that every link on your site is of good quality. Building your site link should be to the end that readers are getting value, not just a bunch of clicks that lead to irrelevant content. The point of link building is for search engines to reward content creators who provide their reader's value through link building. Before stuffing your website with dozens of links, think of the quality of individual links.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is used underneath links in your content. They allow readers to take specific actions while going through your content. A good example is a text that says, “Click here to read more” when you go through a product description. The anchor text aims to flow naturally with the content and add value. So, if your content talks about “gaming computers,” you want to anchor a link to a text that says “best gaming PC” rather than “gaming smartphones.”

When building your site link profile, always remember to do away with hazardous links. Also, do not forget to include internal links in your content.

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Driving it Home

Search Engine Optimization is a journey you must patiently go through for your business content to gain readers' trust. Sadly, there are no shortcuts in SEO; you only have to understand the basics and practice what we have outlined in this article to gain your target audience organically. Great SEO combines consistent effort to create engaging content, build solid backlinks, and drive page traffic. Once you apply these strategies, you only need to watch your page skyrocket.

We hope we have been able to educate you on what Search Engine Optimization is and how you can benefit from its best practices to perfect your content marketing technique and grow your business. If you need your business to appear right in front of the audience that matters, you can trust our SEO experts to get the job done.

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