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Step 1: Promote your cashback offer on numerous leading websites and applications for free

Step 2: Consumers link the cashback offer to their credit cards.

User will not be purchasing the offer, but just be linking the card.

Step 3: Consumer Purchases From You

The consumer will pay you online or in-store with credit card.

You will be collecting 100% of the transaction.

We keep a track of all the sales, all thanks to our partnership with the credit-card companies as well as the publishers.

We ourselves pay the cashback to your customers and receive a tiny commission fee.

Effective Real-time sales reporting

Right from online impressions to in-store or online sales, you will be provided real-time reports which you can tap into using the reporting dashboard.

Using this dashboard, you can access every single transaction we generate for you, including transaction number, date, sum and also the last 4 digits of the credit-card used.

Pricing & FAQ

What's Pay Per Revenue Marketing?

In simpler words, we will be advertising your online business on major leading websites and online publishers and receive a tiny commission fee upon generating a sale for you.

What's a cashback offer?

Your buyers will receive a cashback for every single purchase they make from you. For example, you can offer a 5% cashback up to $10. So when they buy a $100 product, they will get a $10 cashback, which means they will actually be paying $90 for the product.

Which businesses is Pay Per Revenue Marketing best suited for?

Pay Per Revenue is suitable for almost all businesses, especially restaurants, beauty salons, E-Commerce stores, etc.

Will I have to connect to my POS system?

No installation or setup will be required. With our partnership with credit card companies, we will be keeping a track of all the sales and linked cards.

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With Pay Per Revenue Marketing, you will only be paying for the sales you get, and nothing else.

We'll be advertising your business on 100+ premium websites for free – Whenever a customer purchases your product, you will receive 100% of the transaction.

For each product we helped you sell, we'll be charging you only a tiny percentage commission fee. That's it.

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Cashback Advertising

In a business, there is nothing better than making great sales to your clients. A business cannot be tagged as one if buying and selling products and services are not a part of the flow. If a business is to advance, it must generate substantial sales. This is where the Cashback model comes into play.

In Cashback, just as the name implies, clients get to make some purchases while they get a particular money-back percentage on Cashback websites or platforms. The U.S, U.K, and Europe are the top behemoths involved with Cashback presently, with Europe having the most significant number of about 135 companies. Cashbacks are processed through affiliate links that customers are given for purchases.

The store pays a commission to the Cashback website when it is done and validated. Mostly, the websites involved take about 4-6 weeks to get their cashback percentage. Others take just a few months, depending on the websites concerned. This is the period for checking the Cashback payment on a cancellation or returning of goods.

What is Cashback Advertising?

The Cashback system was first seen in the United States in the 1990s. It debuted in 2007 and gained so much popularity in recent years. It is called “the smart purchase,” which drove sales even further, particularly in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic a few years ago.

Cashback is a marketing strategy where customers receive free product samples or cash for a portion of the money they spend in a transaction. As monetary compensation draws clients, the companies or websites pay them a certain percentage of their purchase.

Advertisers occasionally use cashback reward programs to entice customers to buy their goods so they can deduct the cashback straight from the consumer's final cost. Cashback Advertising is a way of communicating to clients the benefits of cashback.

What better way to convince customers to purchase even more as the win-win goes on? Clients are delighted to get cashback on credit cards, gift cards, or deal forms. This is an excellent way to attract more sales to your business with the benefits that come with it.

What Our Client Says

How does Cashback work?

Cashback holds plenty of offers, just that clients have to stick with the promises. For instance, if a client purchases something on the website, they would get a cashback percentage on the products bought. This is how businesses get to hold on to customers for a lifetime or for long.

With this, clients can trust such businesses without their standards being lowered or reduced. Cashback is a means to get back money off the goods purchased. It differs from discounts or money-back guarantees, but cashback is only offered on purchases by the customers.

A client purchases a product for about $1,000. If such a client keeps up with the purchase on the Cashback website or app, such person gets money back on the products depending on the percent their card offers on what they buy. Getting cashback involves different methods and card forms. Bonus category cash back cards, Rotating category cash back cards, Flat-rate cash back cards, and other customized card forms.

Some credit cards give a flat percentage back on all transactions, while others provide more effective cashback rates on common items. Cardholders can use their cash back to make online purchases, statement credits, etc.

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Importance of Cashback Model

With the numbers steadily increasing today, the Cashback Model continues to pose the best reasons for its existence and functionality. It helps access extra benefits that other platforms cannot find. You get to earn rewards while it streamlines your finances. Here are more of the importance of the Cashback Model Incorporated in business strategies:

  • With Cashback Models, recurring business is generated, and client loyalty is boosted.
  • The average annual revenue from cashback models is $4.5 million. Your company can confidently boast of returns yearly.
  • Additionally, you can simultaneously set up cashback reductions for numerous businesses.
  • The current industry values the payback model at $84 billion.
  • Lastly, by incorporating rewards schemes, your company can encourage large orders.

Cashback is not a scheme or a stunt; it ensures that a client can trust the company wholeheartedly without any vices. The whole idea behind Cashback has to do with the fact that; you purchase, and a particular percentage of what you paid is given back to you.

Using Cashback credit cards will also allow you to use the Cashback to purchase from the same marketer later. After the customers buy a product from the company or website, the merchants issue them a credit card.

The credit card company halves the merchant costs with the customer if the cardholder is a member of a cash-back rewards program. The idea is to impose positive implications; rather than using debit cards or cash that does not have any other benefits, the retailers encourage clients to pay with the credit cards issued.

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Benefits of Cashback integration

In Cashback integration or incorporation into your business, a high Return On Investment (ROI) triggers positive marketing promotions. Direct client engagement and a better understanding of your target demographic are also made possible via cashback integration.

Do you want to increase your business sales? The goal of Cashback integration is to successfully match the corporate strategy with the aim of the business. One of the best catalysts for your business expansion is incorporating Cashback into your business approach, which is crucial for your business growth.

The benefits of Cashback integration are


User Interactions

In expanding your business, user interactions and relationships are very crucial as it aids sales increase in the form of sales prospecting methods. Adding a Cashback system helps to increase user engagement directly.

An economical and successful strategy to grow your company's revenue and create enduring client relationships is through user engagements. It is known that users who are engaged are happy.


Create a Brand For Your Company

Aside from user engagements, Cashback integration also assists in building a brand for your business. However, as you carve out a distinctive niche in the marketplace, your business reputation must always be peaked as you increase conversion rates worldwide.


Increase Business Sales

Cashback integration is a perfect idea when it comes to increasing sales. With this in place, you can achieve high ROI, generate more leads and sales, and get more money. Integrating the cashback Module will increase the sale of your business while you get to satisfy your customers.


Promote your company to build trust with Frequent and Loyal Customers

It is not an easy task to get new customers for your brand. Research shows that 80% of customers who repurchase are happy users, as it is time-consuming to market your business to new users. You can keep your loyal customers returning because they are more likely to keep patronizing your brand. Cashback integration helps in this order to maintain your existing users as getting new users takes a lot of effort and time.


Cashback is a game-changing Model

Do you know that Cashback is a great marketing strategy to draw customers to your business? It is a hip-hop candy in the online industry, a game-changing model such that you can purchase a product in a physical or online store and use the Cashback card on either of the stores. More like an omni-strategy, cashback catches attention with its modus operandi.

Why do Companies give Cashbacks?

In a word, Cashback equals “money-back” but a particular percentage given to the customer on the amount spent. However, other rewards like discounts offer a specific percentage on goods too. Companies would have given out vouchers, coupons, or even discounts, but most businesses opt for Cashbacks. Let us look at the reason for this decision.

Cashbacks are a way to play with customer psychology. They look like discounts, coupons, and vouchers, but they're not. The lines to cashback posit that there is a chain in the purchase. If a customer buys a product and gets to use their cashback on the next purchase, they'd keep buying, which gives them more Cashbacks. This results in an unending chain of more cashback, purchases, and a never-ending transaction cycle.

Generally, Customers are encouraged to shop more by cashback promotions since the more they spend on online purchases of items, the more they will receive in cashback. There is no telling the simultaneous advantages both businesses and users get.

Lastly, companies choose CASHBACKS because it capitalizes on consumers' desire for instant satisfaction. Users feel great knowing that retailers have their best interests at heart, but it is also a terrific sales strategy for vendors.

How does Cashback make Money?

As cashback has its endpoint of showing the benefits the customers tend to get, there are ways in which companies also get their money from Cashback integration. After the payment for the commission has been received by the affiliate company. They will subsequently send the customer the reimbursement for the purchase they made.

Users are given a link from a Cashback website instead of going to the store. After purchasing the item, you get paid via the Cashback website despite receiving your purchased item from the vendor directly. It represents the portion of the entire cost spent on the products purchased.

Affiliate networks tie users to a particular company or brand. Furthermore, the brand splits revenue with the owners of the affiliate networks, which is more like investing in direct sales via marketing initiatives.

Is Cashback real?

Many customers are skeptical about Cashback, so they ponder if Cashback is some gimmick or if it is as real as it poses. An offer for Cashback seems unbelievable, but it tends to be more advantageous to the seller in the long run. When a client buys an item, the seller gets to reimburse the buyer for a portion of the price.

This is primarily why people feel it is marvelous and unrealistic, but it is similar to discounts and it is real. For over 2 decades now, Cashback has operated with many customers attesting to its authenticity. Users get their rewards as the portal used to purchase the item is automatically traced.

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Is Cashback a good idea?

One of the cashbacks' quests is knowing if it is a good idea. When clients purchase items on Cashback websites, the program offers users the opportunity to receive more points on the percentage given back to them. Cashback is good when a client buys products and pays monthly bills.

This only makes sense because it is unlike debit cards or cash, where they don't get interests on their purchase. Clients get compensated for spending money on products they would have otherwise spent. In contrast to this case, if a client doesn't go by this principle, the benefits will be reduced.

For the already stated most obvious reasons, cashback is a fantastic concept. By using the affiliate platforms and links, customers or users are kept up to date on the latest hot and sizzling sales from the merchants, giving them the chance to shop and keep shopping.

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15 Best Cashback sites in 2022

Are you a business and not leveraging Cashback sites even in 2022? There are so many groundbreaking benefits that come with integrating cashbacks for your business. Here are the top 15 Cashback sites below:


Rakuten Rewards

It was formerly called eBates, one of the oldest Cashback sites. Unlike other Cashback sites or apps that give out deals or gift cards, it gives actual money to its users. Rakuten has also partnered with big brands in the business. It is straightforward to navigate.



Some sites require one to pay a certain amount of fees or tokens on cash back, but honey does not need you to pay any fees to use its features.

In addition to the coupons, Honey includes features that alert users on price drops for products and hot sales. Honey doesn't require stress; you need to download it on any search engine, and it will take it from there.



Like its name, it is straightforward to use, so customers opt for TopCashBack. It offers a more reliable and legit package like the others mentioned. It might not present as much percentage on item purchases, but users attest to its simplicity and transparency.



Paribus acts more like a site for adjusting the price of items. They have partnered with a lot of retailers like Gap and Amazon. If you're the type that buys things online and the prices of such

items decrease in no time, Paribus is the site for you. With them, your savings are secured and safe.



On Ibotta, you can earn from a variety of item levels. The Cashback is guaranteed, and the opportunity includes making purchases through an online store, Ibotta pay-feature, scanning of receipts, and lots more. After downloading the site, the rest is history. Ibotta gives its users multiple ways to earn cashback.



Do you want a specific site? Why don't you try BeFrugal? It helps you save your earnings to the account and get your money via PayPal, gift cards, checks, or even direct deposit. It offers diverse ways to save yet will let you know of exciting and hot Cashback deals on sale while shopping on the site.



With Swagbucks comes a variety of ways to earn. It is a survey site that people are not new to but can also be used for cashback. Swagbucks is one of the reputable companies in the space, and it does not only give opportunities to earn by taking surveys but on cashback too. This is an excellent way to leverage SwagBucks, as you can earn up to 7,000 gift cards daily.



Do you prefer to shop for the best offers rather than looking for discounts on a particular item? Then CouponCabin is the website for you. Coupon Cabin offers a different bargain for each of their affiliate stores rather than a uniform payback percentage. All you need to do is to make the right purchase at the right time. You could earn as much as 60% back on an item purchase.



WikiBuy is one of the top cashback sites in 2022, and it is easy to understand why. They have partnered with a huge deal of well-known online stores; examples of these are Zulily and eBay.

Store credits are a form in which users receive their cash back on purchases of items, and they get as much as 8 to 9 % of such payment. WikiBuy is one of the most well-known sites and offers a good percentage of transactions.



On MyPoints, you can earn cash back and points too. It is a great site, and the opportunities include and are not limited to getting coupons, filling out surveys, earning, watching videos, playing games, and saving money that can be redeemed through gift cards or PayPal.



This is one of the oldest and most popular sites in the industry. On ShopAtHome, users can play games, complete mini-tasks, or take a survey and earn points while at it. ShopAtHome has partnered with many retailers since it was founded in 1986. On ShopAtHome, clients can earn as much as 60 – 75% on purchased items. Users get to earn rewards both offline and online.

Other Cashback sites include

  • Fetch Rewards
  • Rebates
  • EvoShare
  • iConsumer

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Cashback promotion is a tried and trusted strategy that helps maintain the reputation and value of a business. It is a means to reward clients for their continuous patronage of purchases. This strategy further allows customers to earn rewards and a total fund if they are dissatisfied with whatever they purchased.

You might as well be asking if cashback is free money. Well, it doesn't look exactly the way it sounds. Since you will be purchasing an item on a Cashback website, you'd be given a portion of the money you paid. The money looks free but isn't; this is the cost associated with your transaction, which keeps you coming back as long as cashback is issued.

The step to using cashbacks is simple. The first thing is to get credit for your statement. Then the cashback is applied to the remaining balance on your credit card. Do well to ask for a check. You then receive a check from the issuer for your cashback rewards. Put the reward money into a bank account. Lastly, your cash rewards can be used as reward points.

By using Cashback credit cards, you get the chance to earn points or rewards. Accumulating these earnings might not look so much at the beginning, but it steadily increases for you to make another purchase with Cashback on the website.

Cashback solely relies on purchase, and Cashback credit cards are a channel that helps you get your percentage on the items bought. Credit cards can be simple or complicated, but they all offer benefits.


Companies around the world have made a bid to increase sales and company-client trust with Cashback provisions. Shopping online is made simpler while customers can be assured that they can continue purchasing goods with guaranteed cash waiting in line for them.

Cashback services can reward clients while companies involved are fulfilled with customers' profitable transactions. The added delight can not be overemphasized as Cashback has made transactions more straightforward, offering a particular percentage for the clients.

They can earn as much cash back based on the purchases they make. Utilizing a website or a Cashback app can help clients find possible offers online. At the same time, they earn their bid from the purchase—your opportunity to earn more increases as you use your cashback rewards programs more frequently.

We have provided you with all the necessary details, so there you have it. We have reduced many challenging areas which is a demanding matter in this article, from the development aspect to the actions taken and beyond. If you take the preceding actions, and you need to launch your Cashback website. You can achieve that in a matter of months.