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Nothing Surpasses LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

There’s no denying the phenomenal effectiveness of LinkedIn marketing for B2B marketing.

LinkedIn Is Wildly Effective Due to Professional Connections

Linkedin fosters a sense of business community. It’s all about connecting to other professionals and business people. This lends credibility to communications made on LinkedIn. Even if you don’t know the person, any communication coming within LinkedIn

Once you are connected to another LinkedIn member, you can easily interact with them and establish a relationship until you are at the point where they are open to hearing about your offers.

Until Now, It’s Been All But
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Though there is no denying the power of connecting to other business people on LinkedIn, it has been very difficult to do this at scale for two reasons:

All That Has Changed with ULinked

Local Services USA white label LinkedIn marketing service, uLinked, introduces a whole new day in LinkedIn marketing.

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uLinked will save you many, many hours per week. After you set up the funnel, the technology does all the grunt work. You step in whenever you like to interact with prospects who respond to your connection requests and other automated (but personalized) messages.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, if you are not happy with uLinked for any reason, contact us within 14 days and we will fully refund your money, no questions asked.

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Yes, uLinked is great for small businesses. Contact us for a free consultation so we can answer all your questions.

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Brand Awareness Made Easy With Our LinkedIn Marketing Service

LinkedIn is a professional platform with more than 774 million active users worldwide. Not only is this metric an indicator of the ideal platform for socializing, but it is also an excellent ground to market your business.

The big question is: are you using LinkedIn to build your network, generate leads, and make your brand known to people? If your answer is no, you may want to consider bringing your business to LinkedIn, even as yourself on other social platforms.

With more social platforms of interaction constantly evolving, LinkedIn is often underutilized.

LinkedIn can be a positive contribution to your business's digital marketing strategy.

This article comprises LinkedIn tips that will help you start with marketing and the platform. You will also learn how to improve brand awareness and grow your business by sharing marketing content.

What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

In LinkedIn marketing, individuals or organizations use LinkedIn to generate leads, make connections, and improve their brand awareness. This process also fosters partnerships, business relationships, content sharing, and driving traffic to your website.

LinkedIn is a crucial part of successful marketing strategies today because it is effective and helps expand business networks professionally. When you are done using LinkedIn in marketing your business, you have access to special features that are related to connections, analytics, and brand building, amongst many others.

What Our Client Says

Why Choose Our LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

What social media platform comes to mind when planning a social media marketing campaign? One may easily put all their resources towards platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to reach their target audience.

These platforms are fantastic for marketing but taking out LinkedIn will not be fair when your social media marketing strategy. LinkedIn is a major social media platform and the world's leading professional network, generating leads 227% more than Twitter and Facebook.

This makes LinkedIn an essential part of your marketing strategy and an ideal platform for your business to leverage to improve their brand awareness and reach out to their target audience.

Our LinkedIn marketing strategy touches important areas of social media marketing that puts your business on the right spot for positive results. Also, you'll get to learn about some of our best practices which every marketer should follow when campaigning on LinkedIn.

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A Brief on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional platform launched in 2003 to build careers, network, and share ideas. The platform allows members to share their content with a broad range of people, including customers, business partners, colleagues, and potential employers.

Having your business on LinkedIn is not just a powerful way to make your brand known to people; it is also a strategy to reach out to professionals in the industry as much as you're communicating your content to potential customers.

If you're here to include LinkedIn as part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy, now is the best time to put it on your bucket list.

Now we move on to the best practices on LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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Our LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Best Practices

LinkedIn allows you to drive more traffic to your business website, share your expertise with specific audiences, and identify quality leads. LinkedIn is also an excellent platform to attract rising talent to your company by marketing job openings.

You're a handful of features on LinkedIn that support business marketing strategies on several levels. This article section will focus on some of our best practices for your social media marketing campaign.

Hashtags are used across social media platforms to emphasize your content. Hashtags are allowed on LinkedIn and can be used to boost your marketing strategy for better results. Using phrases that match your business goals after a hashtag symbol can be an excellent way to tap into industries and niches and interface with new audiences.

However, you must be able to strike a healthy balance between using the appropriate volume of hashtags and relevant phrases. Using too many hashtags or irrelevant ones can distort your audience's reach or marketing goals.

You can achieve this by carrying out a simple LinkedIn hashtag research. Go to the search bar to query a list of hashtags; for example, if your business is focused on producing fintech applications, you can start by searching for #fintech or #fintechapps. This will give you insight into the number of people following the particular hashtag and how often it is used.

Once you get the insights you need, you can begin with 2 to 5 hashtags that communicate to the audience you wish to market your content. You want to focus on relevant hashtags over the number of people following them. Having pertinent hashtags for your content with many people following them will only put your content in front of the wrong audience.

LinkedIn profile and page may appear similar but have different roles in your LinkedIn marketing strategy. LinkedIn pages can be followed without needing to send out a connection and wait for the user's approval.

When you share your LinkedIn page with your connections, they can follow your page and go through your business content without scaling any hurdle of approval. This approach is ideal for generating massive engagement.

This is because LinkedIn pages are made public and are designed primarily for businesses. On the other hand, LinkedIn profiles are intended to be used by individuals. Both work the LinkedIn algorithm but present you with different tools to grow your business audience.

LinkedIn profiles can also be followed but stand out so that you can have one-on-one connections and private conversations with whoever requests to join your network. If you prefer to embark on an individualized tactic in growing your business, you should consider having a LinkedIn profile to take advantage of the features available.

To get the ultimate LinkedIn marketing workflow, you can combine having a LinkedIn profile and a page to work in tandem. For instance, you can list yourself as an employee of your company. This you can achieve by including your LinkedIn page as your employer on your LinkedIn profile. With this tactic, visitors who land on your profile also get to.

Creating posts of varying lengths is an effective tactic for improving your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Short and relevant posts (backed with images) have their place on LinkedIn. On the other hand, posts of long-form engage your audience for longer.

Having a standard post-length work in most cases, you must learn to mix things up a bit to maximize the power of LinkedIn marketing fully. Having too many short posts can easily portray you as one with less authority or substance. Varying the post length will keep your content relevant and fresh to your network.

Unlike social platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn allows sharing external links to websites and blogs. As your content provides value to your audience and is relevant to their needs, your LinkedIn marketing strategy will have much effect by adding relevant external links.

In addition to sharing external links from other authors, you can also take them using the hashtag. This applies to sharing posts from similar authors of businesses on LinkedIn.

To be an effective marketer, you must know how to leverage the power of cross-platform posting. It is not enough that you post on LinkedIn to drive traffic to your business. You must also learn to share your posts on other platforms to get more engagement.

This can be achieved by using the share option on every of your post, or copying the link to be used on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

LinkedIn is known to be the platform that has the most extended content lifespan. Unlike Twitter, where you can only post a few sentences about your business, on LinkedIn and how you need to be more detailed in allowing your audience to understand your intent.

While marketing on LinkedIn, you don't have to adopt a round-the-clock publishing schedule; all that is needed is a consistent time when you post your content. Whether you post daily or every week, as you go on with your LinkedIn marketing strategy and your network, you begin to expect your content regularly, which ultimately builds trust.

Choosing the proper posting schedule makes it easy to stay consistent and track how well your content serves your network. Check out what time and day use the best engagement and make adjustments (if need be) to your schedule.

As we go for that, we will be covering some effective ways you can achieve LinkedIn marketing success. The tips below are tailored to meet your business needs, whether running a personal LinkedIn page or a business page, regardless of your industry size.

Although some of the points highlighted can be ideal for businesses looking to boost their brand awareness, they can also be applied to companies seeking to hire new talent for their organization.

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Using LinkedIn Marketing for Your Business

This section is poised to show you step-by-step ways to use LinkedIn for your marketing strategy. This process starts with building an appealing profile or page, then transitions to tips on lead generation and conversion using LinkedIn.


Use a Suitable Profile URL

The first way to make your LinkedIn profile look professional and attractive to visitors is to use a suitable profile URL. Rather than complicate your profile URL with improper use of alphanumerics or a combination of special symbols, use something simple.

Here's an example of a suitable LinkedIn profile URL:


You should use your business name or your first and last name in your profile URL. You can achieve this by clicking on the “Edit public profile” option. Here you can edit your LinkedIn profile URL to suit your taste.

In a situation where another user has used the profile URL, you can then add further information about yourself or your business (like the year it was established).

Something more like:


Do this until you're comfortable with what you have on your public profile.


Upload a Background Photo

Having a profile link that resonates with your business does not remove all your LinkedIn marketing problems. You need to add a bit of personality to your business if you compel visitors who land on your profile to take action.

Although you get a present (plain) background photo, by updating it with a nicely designed representation of your brand, you are more likely to attract the attention of potential customers or recruiters, as the case may be.

The recommended size of a LinkedIn background photo is 1584 x 396 pixels. In addition to that, LinkedIn only allows PNG, JPG, or GIF formats below 8MB. You should take note of this requirement when preparing your background photo.


Edit Your Profile

Editing your profile involves you adding and removing specific segments to highlight unique pieces of information the best way you want. Once you get into the edit mode, they can simply hover the mouse right over the double-sided arrow on the section you wish to edit. Once on the double-sided arrow, you'll be able to click drag and drop to other positions on your profile.


Work on Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

You must have heard about Search Engine Optimisation but may not be aware it is also applicable to LinkedIn marketing. SEO is not limited to blogging; you can also optimize your LinkedIn profile to get discovered, but your audience and people will require your service.

When optimizing your LinkedIn profile, ensure you integrate keywords relevant to your business or brand. You can split these keywords evenly into sections of your profile, such as the summary, your work experience, and the headline.


Consider Using a ProFinder Badge

How does a ProFinder badge help your business on LinkedIn? If you own an establishment, they are seeking freelancers to bring on board. Having a ProFinder badge will help you quickly identify freelancers that are within the LinkedIn platform.

The service equally matches contractors who were on the lookout for April ends to help execute their business goals bureau freelancers and display a provider badge. Their profile tells prospective employers how qualified they are for the job.


Leverage The Power of Website/Blog Link

Reading your profile could benefit you by taking advantage of website or blog links. LinkedIn allows you to add links from your portfolio to another social network to your profile or page. As the need for a business increases, you will have to include links to your business information or content on your LinkedIn profile.

This feature allows you to compel attention in two areas of your page where you can quickly draw traffic to your business website. For instance, if you produce a weekly podcast, you can easily share the link to each episode only to promote your content.


Be Up-to-date With Your Network Activities

Similar to the Facebook news feed are LinkedIn network updates. This field is found on your LinkedIn homepage, where you can easily track your network (competitors, customers, and others).

To maximize the power of LinkedIn marketing, you should periodically check your network update. In addition to that, you can also share your business update with your network. Update like unique content details about your service or product and all that vital information about your business to attract followers.

Images to stay up-to-date with your network activity are by signing up for email notifications to get updated when there is a new activity from your network. You can also sort this out by filtering your field using the “Recent Update” or “Top Update” filter.


Be Easy To Identify

Visitors who come to your profile should be able to recognize what your business stands for the moment they take a look at it. The best way to be identifiable on LinkedIn is to ensure that your headline, profile name, and every other section are easy to see.

You're going about LinkedIn marketing, not some stealth mode business approach, so your profile setting should be public. In addition to having a public profile, there's also a need for you to be active on the platform to allow potential customers to identify your business.

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Advanced Tips For LinkedIn Marketing

You can attract the right audience to your business by optimizing your profile or page, but several intentional steps must be taken. We will go through them in this section.

It is now no secret that your LinkedIn connections go a long way in helping to grow your business. With the strategy of exporting your LinkedIn connections to a contact management system (which is an excellent place to start), you can drive more traffic to your website.

How do you do that? Go under the “Advanced Settings” option on your profile; you will find the option to export your connections there.

The secret about being part of LinkedIn groups is that they allow you to connect with people who share the same interests as you or your business. You can easily get noticed when you get involved in group activities like supporting posts from group members by commenting.

Groups serve as a sub-platform for you and many other members to share ideas, grow your contacts list, and become an authority in your field.

LinkedIn allows you to add your account on other platforms to your profile so you can automatically share a post on them. For example, you can connect your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile. This will allow you to share your post on the platform by selecting the Public + Twitter selection.


Another way to do this is to include links that connect to your brand across all social networks.

The above strategies will position your business for massive engagement and traffic generation.

Moving on, we will briefly examine some of your LinkedIn marketing options.

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Marketing Options on LinkedIn

Marketing on LinkedIn gives you the liberty to drive more traffic to your business website. It also allows you to share your expertise through thought leadership content while identifying quality leads as you grow your network. LinkedIn marketing is also a fantastic way to market job openings in order to attract new talents to your business.

An excellent way to amplify your LinkedIn marketing process is to run out for your business. Four different advertisement types to be used on LinkedIn, each positively contributing to your marketing strategy.


Sponsored Messages

One of the best ways to execute your LinkedIn marketing strategy is to take advantage of sponsored messages. Every LinkedIn user can engage your inbox and only a tiny percentage of businesses and take advantage of this opportunity to stay ahead of the marketing curve.

LinkedIn allows you to run conversation ads that enable users to choose their unique path and message ads directly in prospects' inboxes to generate leads for your business.


Sponsored Content

Every user on LinkedIn has a unique feature on their homepage that allows for a news feed. Sponsored content on LinkedIn will show up in the LinkedIn news feed of users, allowing you to reach a large audience.

Sponsored content on LinkedIn is always labeled as “promoted” to make it stand apart from the regular news feed. Depending on your strategy for LinkedIn marketing, sponsored content can include video ads, image ads, carousel ads, or special events that pertain to your business.


Forms for Generating Lead

The ultimate goal of your LinkedIn advertisement is to convert leads, and you want to ensure this is done fine. You can easily collect information for your business from users by making available a pre-filled form for your audience to attend to.

Bringing Your Business To LinkedIn

Are you willing to start your business marketing campaign on LinkedIn?

With constant addition and update to the scope of LinkedIn, we cannot wait to see the bright future of many careers and businesses. LinkedIn has the rails that support corporate and individual growth, which is why you should bring your business to this industry-leading platform for professionals, marketers, candidates, and job seekers.

Have you tried looking up similar profiles on LinkedIn to see how they are optimized and how things operate? It is safe to conclude that many potential employers, businesses, and customers in the space evaluate a person's ability to produce high-quality work through a profile that is strategically placed.

Your business won't be the last to be founded on LinkedIn as many others have. Holding the bull by the horns is in your best interest as a brand in every aspect. You can quickly start LinkedIn marketing by learning the best practices explained in this article. You'll also be sure to realize positive results with our additional tips.