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Lead Generation at its Finest. Tap into our 150M Strong Email List

With our full-fledged email marketing service, you can tap into our 150M strong and growing email list with more than 700 targeting parameters. 

For example if you run an insurance agency, you can mail anyone and everyone who's wanting to purchase an insurance policy. 

Email is One of the Oldest, Yet Most Effective Modes of Communication.

More than 50% of the consumers residing in the United States check their personal email accounts 10+ times a day, and its their favorite way of receiving the latest updates from brands.

More than 59% of the marketers claim email marketing to deliver them a positive ROI.

Businesses using segmented campaigns have witnessed a gigantic 760% boost in revenue.

700+ targeting parameters

Local Services USA has one of the largest, most segmented and updated opt-in consumer list all across the nation.

With these 700+ segmentation options, you can segment by: family size, location, ages of children, ages of parents, household with elderlies, etc. 

Let Us Help You Kickstart Your Email Marketing Campaign(s).

Our experts would love to go all in with you, right from creating the perfect email copy to recommending the best promotion (we have access to a library of 100+ case studies) to creating a segmented list, to delivering and providing reports.

Reach out to our Email Marketing experts to start planning your campaign today.

Pricing & FAQ

What'll it cost me?

What we charge depends on the size of the campaigns you run plus the setup costs. The more emails you send, or the Higher the amount of emails you send.

For 50,000 emails, you'll be charged $1,000.

For 200,000 emails, you'll be charged $800 for every 50,000 emails.

Is the list updated regularly?

Yes, we regularly update and clean our list.

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Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing tactics that has helped countless businesses scale their business and reach at the very top. With Local Services USA's 150M records, opt-in list and 700+ targeting parameters, you can run email marketing campaigns that actually deliver results.

Our experts would love nothing more than running that perfect email marketing campaign for you that'll take your business to the next level. 

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Client Acquisition and Sales Boost With Email Marketing, Learn more

Engage Your Customers With Our Email Marketing Service

It's almost natural for everyone to pick up devices, either their mobile phones or PCs, to check their emails. Their eyes linger on whatever device they're currently using to see if they'd get a notification soon. FYI, sending and receiving emails has become almost as important as checking for a WhatsApp or Facebook message. If you desire to scale up in this modern-day world, you need our email marketing service.

Email marketing is the go-to marketing system for most startups and even established firms in creating and maintaining contact with their clients. We believe that you know the effect of customers' interest on your business. So it's expedient you learn the ropes of this strategy. Research has proven that customers find it more convenient to trust content from an email than other digital marketing platforms.

According to Content marketing institute 2020, 87% of marketers use email to propagate their content. This percentage makes email marketing the most effective platform, after social media at 89%.

Research has shown that one of the perks of using email as a form of marketing is the ease of seamlessly communicating to your audience about the benefits of your product and conveniently selling yourself. Many organizations have reported a significant turnaround in their business because of an effective and efficient email marketing strategy.

Your curiosity would surely be on a spike by now. This review has you covered; it contains all you need to know about email marketing and how you can use it to cause significant changes to your career or business.

What Our Client Says

What Is Email Marketing? How Does It Work?

Email marketing is a game-changer strategy that businesses can use to attract new clients, engage existing ones, and keep the ones they already have. If you want to practice email marketing, you would have to generate an email list. It is essential to have a good and clean email list and ensure the email addresses are without errors. This cleaning process would help you not to waste your time and efforts. Imagine sending your sales copy letter to your email list only to have more than half bounce back by the mail delivery system.

As a result, before sending out a campaign, you should ensure you’ve taken care of all errors in any email list you intend to employ. There are email verification service providers you can search online that could help you with this task. There are diverse types of email marketing; in the following paragraphs, we will discuss the four primary categories of email marketing campaigns currently in use and how your company might benefit from implementing one or more of these strategies.


What Is Email Marketing? How Does It Work?

Most people are familiar with newsletters because they receive one or more such emails daily. Email newsletters remain one of the prominent email marketing strategies.

You can consider using an email newsletter to share beneficial information and resources with your customers and clients. This email marketing strategy will help you If you run a small company or business regardless of the product or service you offer.

Your subscribers are people who already have either an itinerary or a to-do list. If you give them value, they would only spare some minutes in their busy schedule to read your newsletter. To achieve this, you should generate content that is interesting and can solve their problems, including news about what’s the newest services or products in your emails.

You can’t just stop at sending these newsletters; you have to test and see if this strategy is working or will work for your business. The yardstick you can use is finding out whether your newsletter content helps create relationships with subscribers, promotes retention and engagement, and will keep them glued to your business.


Acquisition Emails

Not everyone who has subscribed to your email list is your client; some are leads and are prospective clients. Individuals who have consented to receive your emails but are not yet purchasers can be made one through acquisition emails.

One way to scale up a small business is to broaden the horizon of the customers’ niche, which can aid small businesses. You may help them understand what they stand to gain as an active client by dishing out enticing offers and content that provide quality information.

Acquisition email is an excellent method for accelerating the progression of leads through the conversion funnel, growing your company and profits, and targeting individuals who have shown some attention to what your company has to offer.


Customer Retention Emails

You should contemplate using retention emails for your firm if you already have some prowess in running email marketing campaigns.

You can maintain communication flow with inactive or passive subscribers by leaving a message for subscribers who haven't interacted with your company or email campaigns in a while. Ask for commentaries or make an offer to them to purchase something.

Retention email is a helpful tactic for email marketing campaigns designed to assist you in keeping the consumers you've worked so hard to get.


Promotional Emails

Your small business can benefit from using promotional emails to increase sales, signups, and the number of products it offers.

Promotional emails include proposals that tempt and invigorate your core market to procure a novel product or service. You can use promotional email to bring new product or service awareness to your subscriber network, recompense engaged subscribers with unique offers, and cross-sell products to your existing customer base.

Email marketing is a game-changer strategy that businesses can use to attract new clients, engage existing ones, and keep the ones they already have. If you want to practice email marketing, you would have to generate an email list. It is essential to have a good and clean email list and ensure the email addresses are without errors. This cleaning process would help you not to waste your time and efforts. Imagine sending your sales copy letter to your email list only to have more than half bounce back by the mail delivery system.

As a result, before sending out a campaign, you should ensure you’ve taken care of all errors in any email list you intend to employ. There are email verification service providers you can search online that could help you with this task. There are diverse types of email marketing; in the following paragraphs, we will discuss the four primary categories of email marketing campaigns currently in use and how your company might benefit from implementing one or more of these strategies.

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Why is Email Marketing Essential and Powerful?


Email is The Most Sought-after Smartphone Application.

There are more than 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, indicating that email will remain a crucial tool for marketers and consumers. Because of the fast-paced nature of the modern world, most people check their emails on their mobile devices.

Just like the whole frenzy with social media sites, having an email client on a smartphone is essential to the ordinary person's digital life. This reason gives email marketing leverage over other types of digital marketing.


Email Has an Impact on Purchase Decisions.

A survey conducted by Hubspot found that 59% of respondents believe that receiving promotional emails influence their shopping decisions. They opined that it helps them browse and locate the best bargain.

Customers who buy things advertised by email have a greater propensity to spend more money when compared to customers who do not receive any email offers. Email keeps you connected with previous customers; this enhances the likelihood that they will do business with you again.


Email Marketing is The Most Powerful Digital Marketing Medium for Generating Sales Leads.

Email marketing or social media? There's a constant debate about which technique is more potent. It all hinged on what you were looking for at the time!

It's interesting to note that 20% of Millennials prefer to receive updates and promotions from a firm via email rather than on social media, according to Tidio. People believe that sending emails has an air of professionalism attached to it. It shows you’re serious about your business.

So, it's best to keep most of your communication to your clients and prospective clients via emails, but keep a presence on social media to spread the word about your business and generate new leads.


It Helps You to Keep in Touch With Your Audience.

One way to give your clients and prospective clients the impression that you're thinking of them is to keep your consumers updated when there’s a special offer. Email helps you do this effectively, a perk being that clients can check their email at a time that suits them.

Your email list subscribers have previously indicated they want to get your notes. Your clients may presumably appreciate these emails if you give them something of intrinsic worth to read; this will increase customer engagement.


The Effectiveness of Email Marketing is Simple To Evaluate.

Most tools for email marketing can help the marketer track what occurs after sending an email campaign. You can track diverse metrics, including delivery and bounce rates, unsubscribe and click-through rates, and open rates.

These metrics give you a better knowledge of the success rates of your email marketing initiatives, which ones need to be modified, and which ones you should eliminate. A marketer must not disregard these indicators in any way. They should be considered an indispensable component of your internet marketing master plan.

Even if many studies and polls give “ideal” figures to strive for, the reality is that it is entirely dependent on the field you work in and the audience you intend to reach. If not only do your clients demand but also anticipate daily emails from you, you should be sure to provide them.

You should not send too many emails to customers who have indicated they do not want more than one email in a week from your business. If you end up doing that, it will increase your unsubscribe rate. It boils down to understanding your clients and offering information that is of value to them.


It's Cost-effective

Everyone desires something that is very economical. For a bit of cost, you can reach several customers. Email marketing has a low-cost per (prospective) conversion; this is why almost every organization frequently utilizes or preserves relationships with their customers using emails.

You could use email marketing services such as Mail Chimp, Vertical Response, and others. You can send up to twelve thousand emails a month for no price using Mail Chimp. If your enterprise has more than 600,000 subscribers, they also offer several large monthly plans for developing businesses and high-volume sender options for those with more than that.

With Vertical Response, you can send up to four thousand emails monthly and a thousand email addresses for no cost. For those who send a lot of mail, they provide subscription services.

Hiring a professional to oversee these efforts may be a better option because it might be time-consuming to do it all by yourself. They would help you address concerns and other issues and database maintenance: adding and deleting members and updating information.


Email Makes Targeted Messaging Possible

In terms of lead nurturing, email marketing, often known as “email lead marketing,” is critical for generating new customers. The key takeaway is that your potential consumers are in different phases of the purchasing cycle. Consideration, study and comparison, and even

ready-to-purchase are all stages in the purchasing process. Generating buyer personas can aid your content creation procedure.

Businesses can better target definite groups of clients by dividing their contacts into relevant email marketing lists. It is only by providing customers with relevant content that they may go to the next step of the purchasing cycle. It's about you moving these potential customers through your sales funnel most efficiently feasible.


Improve The Visibility of the Brand

It's not just social media that aids in raising awareness of a company's brand. The fact that you have a customer or prospect's email address indicates that they are interested in what you offer.

Email marketing lets you keep your brand at the forefront of people's minds, increasing their interest in your product or service. Email marketing is one fascinating way to sell items, but it can also be another appreciable way to build brand awareness.

It helps you gain your client's trust and gives the brand a unique identity by increasing its visibility.

How To Write Amazing Emails

Howard Gossage said, “Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it's an ad”.

Nobody is interested in dedicating their time to whatever hasn't caught their fancy. You need to note that most people check their emails on their mobile phones and do not have all the time in the world for lengthy, unmeaningful texts. Moreover, no matter how beneficial the information you provided is, most lengthy texts are a total turn-off for most people. Keep it minimal, but try to make it as concise and beneficial as possible.

To write great emails, you should look at the following outlines to see if you've ticked these boxes and provided answers to the outlined questions.

Subject Line

Do you have a subject line?
Is it clear enough?
Is the subject line about you or your audience?
Does it have a benefit or promise attached to the subject line?

Your Offers

Is whatever you're offering your audience vivid enough? Is it stated how they get to enjoy what you're selling and how it would get delivered to them? Is it a digital or a physical product you’re offering? Is the cost of the product or service clearly stated? Is the delivery instantaneous or not?

Call To Action

Is there a convincing reason to buy urgently?

To create a sense of urgency, you can add either a bonus deal and a deadline or tell them the product or service is limited in quantities. These three approaches can give you mind-blowing results.

How To Create A Profound Email Marketing Strategy....

Email teasers are not for you to sell your product or service to them with that email. The single purpose of this type of email is to get them to click the link in that email and go to your web page.

You can design your web page to have a sales message, video, fascinating content, and the benefits of your product or service. By clicking the link in your email teaser, you get them to see all these you've put together for them with a click.

Just like a good headline captures the mind and eyes, a good subject line will work the same wonders. If your subject line is boring or not fascinating, you can be sure nobody will open it not to talk about reading it.

Not anyone's fault that our attention span is gradually declining, so you have to come up with something worthy of capturing your readers' attention, even if it's for some seconds.

Your subject lines should be short, concise, and should arouse curiosity. Use something like a question-like format. Make them feel the email is just about them by acknowledging their feelings and experiences.

Give a specific call to action to get them to click on that link. Most importantly, keep your mail short and fascinating.

You can give them a specific call to action; you cannot pressure them to do it. However, you can make that reader parched for what you're selling.

You can do this by telling incredible stories. These stories can be real-life scenarios, case studies, or fiction.

Jim Edward, a renowned copywriter, gave a formula for writing stories that sell, and he called it “The Three M's of Content.”

The first M represents you demystifying a myth. People have access to a lot of information through the internet; this increases the likelihood of them holding onto a myth.

The second M represents misconceptions. The difference between Myths and misconceptions is that Myths don't exist; they're false and untrue. A misconception is the wrong perspective of someone or something. Write stories that correct those misconceptions and give them a paradigm shift by providing them with the correct view of the thing.

The third M stands for mistakes. You point out what they seem to be doing wrongly or the aftermath of their action. This third M is powerful compared to the rest because people don't like hearing they've made mistakes and want to avoid them at all costs.

You can write stories using these three M's without providing information about any of the benefits of your products or service. However, because of the compelling power of the three M's, they would feel you've just what they need.

You would end up leaving them thirsty for all you've got.

While marketing your product or service via email, be consistent in your message. Take a stand. Don't confuse your audience with different opinions and facts. Let them know they can always trust that you possess a consistent character. This consistency would make them pay attention to your emails.

Market your product or service by using words driven by emotions and logic. People are said to make decisions with their feelings; then take action with their minds. That's why you should

appease both the emotional side of your reader and the reader's mind. If you're attaching an image, make sure the quality is high. Not some gruesome pictures or visuals that suck.

Attach proofs to validate the credibility of your product, either customer's reviews or something of that sort.

Be careful about your promises and claim; don't be unrealistic with them. As convincing as you might need to sound, don't fall into the mess of giving baseless promises. The effect will boomerang; you wouldn't like the aftermath.

Remember, people only buy from those they trust. This buying experience is either first-hand experience or secondary experience.

Take Your Shot At It

Integrating email marketing into your business can be the one thing your business needs for a 360-degree turnaround. You only need to get the hang of copywriting and writing good sales copy.

Appealing to the logical part of their minds and emotions with your words will work wonders and get you more clicks, sales, and profits. This tactic would enlarge your customers' niche and position your brand globally. You don't have to become the next Brian Clarke before you start. If you think it's something you cannot handle yourself, some people would be more than willing to do that. Just get in touch with a freelancer.

The crux remains that you just have to start now.