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If you're facing a hard time securing loans to grow your business, we can help!

We provide businesses up to 500K of UNSECURED as well as SECURED financing and up to 1 million as advances for outstanding business revenue. Use the loan to grow your business, hire employees, buy equipment, and invest in a growth marketing program.


We & our partners have helped businesses to get over $3 Billion Dollars of Easy-To-Use Funding

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We have 2 main options for you to get funding


The Local Services USA membership is a tested and proven lending program that obtains up to $250,000 of unsecured (safe) business credit cards and shows you how to access these high-limit credit cards as cash lines of credit, eliminating the cash advance fees. Each business card provides an introductory interest rate of 0% for an average of 12 – 18 months. Almost all major banks and many regional banks offer these 0% introductory teaser rate cards. Local Service USA's membership leverages these offers in an organized way to create easy-to-use funding.


No FICO credit score needed

60 days money back guarantee

$3997 enrollment fees



Enjoy 0% introductory interest rates for an average of 12 - 18 months.

Does Not Appear on Your Personal Credit

The unsecured (safe) business credit that we obtain for you will not show up on your personal credit.

Up to $250,000 of Unsecured Funding

Clients can expect up to $100,000 or more of spend-like-cash Unsecured Business Credit in 45 days or less and up to $250,000 over the next 12 months, depending on credit worthiness.

Unsecured Safe Funding

Unsecured means that you are not risking your assets, such as using properties as collateral. Additionally you wont give up equity in your business or ongoing real estate deals in order to access and use unsecured business credit, you maintain 100% control of your business and the credit lines.

Cash-Like Purchasing Power

You can utilize the funding that you receive for any business need. Whether that be to pay for software, tools, business vendors services, inventory, or even sending a wire to purchase an investment property. (We explain how to send wire transfers from your business card to purchase real estate for as little as a 2.85% wire fee). There are no fees when simply swiping and purchasing using the business cards.

Up to $100,000 of Corporate Credit

Our flagship Do-It-Yourself corporate credit program will get you up to $100,000 or more in unsecured, NON-recourse corporate credit over the next 12 months. This credit is not tied to you personally, no personal credit check required and will not affect your personal credit score. Instead, this credit will boost your Dun & Bradstreet corporate credit rating and eventually will allow you to access hundreds of thousands of dollars of NON-Recourse funding, the ultimate safest form of corporate funding.

12 Months One-on-One Unlimited Coaching and Credit Building

We work with you and coach you directly to build up your credit score so that your eligible for the largest funding approvals. We even offer the coaching to a secondary applicant of your choice.

How To Creatively Leverage Your Credit In Unique Ways

We explain step-by-step how you can use your Credit to send wire transfers, and utilize it in certain situations where you would typically need cash.

How To Remove Credit Inquiries

Get the step-by-step system on how you can easily and quickly remove credit inquiries from your credit report to get you ready for ongoing business credit approvals.

Entity Formation With Tax ID

We manage the entire set up of the perfect entity that has instant seasoning and is in a safe lendable industry, so that you can receive the largest amount of funding in the shortest period of time.

LLC Creation

We will assist you in incorporating your day-to-day LLC and get you set-up for receiving maximum business and corporate credit.


The 3 Golden Questions

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, we can help with up to $500,000 in unsecured financing.

Do You Have A 680 Credit Rating or Higher? If not, do you have someone who can apply for you who does?

Do you have a business that has been generating more than $15,000 per month in revenues with at least 6 months in business?

Do you or does someone willing to apply have $40,000 or more in an IRA or 401k account that is NOT with a current employer?

Startup Funding

Receive unsecured Personal and Business funding up to $350,000. Its a personal credit-driven product that requires at least a single guarantor to have 660+ credit. Enjoy 0% interest rates for about 21 months, fast approvals and quick turnaround.

Revenue-Based Loan and Advances

Got a lacking credit history; yet outstanding business revenue? We offer true loans as well as advances that range from $10,000 to $1 million. We judge a business' health on the basis of its cash flow – not just the credit scores. Our in depth small business understanding helps us provide capital to businesses within 48 hours.

Franchise Funding

All thanks to our partner banks, we offer Franchise Funding options with fast in-house approvals that are subject  to streamlined documentation as well as closing process. Creative loan structures with terms up to about 25 years. Rates vary anywhere between 6.25% and 7.25%* (*Loans have a variable rate of Prime Rate plus 2.75% to 3.75%).

SBA Loans

Planning to buy a business or taking your profitable business to heights? Well-established businesses with tax returns showcasing good cash flow will be subject to extensive funding. All are subject to 6-8% interest rates and generous 10-25 years payback terms.

Our processing team will be holding your hand all along the way right from packaging to funding. SBA Loans will take anywhere between 2 weeks and 2 months to fund but they are subject to highest loan amounts and best interest rates.

Retirement Assets-Based Funding

With Business Directed Retirement Account (BDRA), you can invest your retirement assets into new or established businesses without any taxable distributions or penalties. This program allows you to start or expand your business in a debt-free manner, allowing you to reach profitability faster with no banks, no loans and no credit checks involved.

Pricing & FAQ

What's the best loan size you can take?

We provide up to $500K per loan.

What are the unsecured loan terms?

Here are the usual terms:

Loan Terms: 3, 5, or 7 years
Prepayment Penalty: None

Rates: High-single, low-double digits (About 6-12% on an average)

Funding Period: Typically 2-4 weeks after receiving an executed agreement

Are these unsecured loans we are talking about?

We provide not just unsecured, but unsecured loans as well.

To be eligible for an unsecured loan, you should have a 680 or above credit score or a verified income source. 

What are the other loan types offered by Local Services USA?

We provide all kinds of unsecured and secured, business loans, including credit cards and lines of credit. 

We also craft the best financing strategy for our clients depending on their status and needs. 

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Everything You Need To Know About Business Financing

After putting so much work and effort into building your business, you must be devastated that you lack the money required to take it to the next level. However, there’s no need to be embarrassed about needing funds because you’re not the first person in that situation, and you’re not the last. You can always use business financing for you to upscale your business.

You can explore different options to get financing for your business. The type of financing that you need will depend on the urgency of your needs and your business qualifications. Choosing the right funding option can be overwhelming; however, we’ve put together this article to guide you through the process.

Business financing helps at any level for startups, companies that need top-up funds, or those experiencing a financial strain. Your business has needs that only money can handle. However, you cannot afford to be desperate because the slightest misstep can make your entire business sink. This is why you must carefully study the available options to avoid making a decision that will deter the growth of your business.

Read till the end to learn more about business financing, its benefits, types, and how to get financing for your business.

What is Business Financing?

Business financing deals with the funds a company needs to scale the business. It is used for various purposes such as starting a business, hiring employees, getting a new office, launching a new product, or even buying the necessary equipment. The business financing option can be for a short term where the business will have to repay the money in weeks or months. However, in another case, business financing can be long-term, especially when purchasing expensive assets such as equipment or real estate.

In addition, business financing has two different forms, dilutive and non-dilutive. Dilutive business financing requires that business owners gain funds in exchange for equity or a part of the company. Non-dilutive financing, on the other hand, allows founders to remain the sole owners of their companies. You must determine the form you prefer, especially in line with the financing required.

What Our Client Says

5 Benefits of Business Financing

There are enormous benefits of business financing, and they include:



When companies get financing, it allows them to focus better on achieving their company goals and providing a remarkable service to their customers. Business owners can decide what financing works best for them and how they want it. To a large extent, they can determine when they want to pay.


Increased Promotions

The dream of every new brand is to reach its audience quickly. One of the relevant ways to go about this is through brand awareness. However, this process is not cheap; it requires heavy investments to promote the business. You can solve this problem with financing by leveraging various platforms to ensure your brand is recognized.


Convenient Repayment Options

Business financing is beneficial because it has evolved to provide business owners with more convenient repayment options. Founders can now pay back their loans with ease. All you need is to find options with a repayment plan that suits your needs. You can even use the auto-debit service for electronic money transfers.


Allows You To Expand

You may have been looking for ways to grow and expand your business. Getting finances for your business would help you increase and expand it across the various geographical areas you desire. Are you thinking of getting a new office in a lucrative area? With business financing, you can expand and even get funds to completely launch your expansion.


Covers Emergency Expenses

If there’s one thing that Co-Vid 19 has taught the world, it is that the world is full of surprises. Your business could be going through a tough time that requires emergency funds to keep it afloat. You might need funds to meet pressing financial requirements such as utilities and payroll. Choosing the right business financing option would help you easily navigate your emergencies.

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8 Business Financing Options For Business Owners

Before choosing a financing method, you must first determine how much funding you require. Once you’ve figured that out, you can go ahead to make your choice.



This financial option is the most obvious one. Why source for funds when you can fund it yourself? Self-funding requires that you provide the necessary financial resources for your business. This funding can also be from your loved ones, family members, and friends willing to sponsor your business.

However, this option has one downside: you’ll have to handle all the risk. Also, there’s a high chance that you can fail to take your business seriously when you find it yourself. If you lack discipline, you can begin to eat into your 401(k) funds before time. It would only put you in a difficult situation financially.


Bank Loans

Traditional bank loans are popular, especially because they’ve been an effective option for business financing for a long time. Most business owners find this option affordable because of the low-interest rates. Banks can offer term loans, equipment loans, business lines of credit, and even credit cards.

The major disadvantage of settling for bank loans is that it is competitive. You would need a good credit score, long years in operation, and business revenue to qualify for it. If you lack any of these requirements, it can be hard for you to get a loan. However, there are cases where you can contact a bank you have an existing relationship with for a loan. You can also try out community banks because they offer more loans to small businesses.


Online Loans

Online loans are great for business owners with bad credit scores that require urgent money. Although traditional banks have been in existence longer, they have shortcomings that financial options like online loans solve. With an online loan, you don’t need to go through the long process of putting your paperwork in place before you can access money. It saves time from the application process until you access the funding.

You must understand that different online loans differ in price and features. However, most have a pre-approval process where you would be told about your chances of qualifying for a loan. Although online loans are faster, they have higher interest rates than traditional banks. You can settle for this option if you don’t mind the cost.


SBA Loans

The U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) helps to guarantee loans made by lenders. It reduces the risk of getting funds from traditional banks by offering good rates for your business to succeed. You must understand the SBA doesn’t issue loans; you would have to reach out to an SBA-approved lender to access loans. If your application is successful, you can borrow about $5 million with a repayment structure extending to 30 years for a down payment of as little as 10%.

However, you need to understand that there are different types of SBA loans, and they include;

This is the most popular SBA loan offered to businesses in the US loans for low interest for working capital. It partners with various lending institutions to provide loans with competitive rates and agreeable terms. However, you still require a fair business credit to qualify for this loan that can serve as funds for working capital, refinancing debt, and real estate. This might be a great option if you need a large sum of money to scale your business.

SBA 504 loans are a perfect option for those seeking financial aid for real estate or new equipment for business. They are for fixed assets such as property or business machinery. These loans offer low rates and a favorable repayment term that works for startups.

This type of loan is the quick variant of SBA 7 (a) loans because it helps you get a verdict within a few days. Instead of waiting months or weeks for approval, you can use SBA express loans for a quicker turnaround time through financial institutions.

The SBA Microloan program is the last in this category, offering below $50,000. These loans are flexible as they are made by non-profit community development financial institutions which offer these SBA microloans to startups. Microloans are also offered to founders who have battled bad credit at competitive rates and with technical assistance.



Small business grants are easily the most sought-after means for business owners to fund their businesses. This financing option doesn’t have to be repaid, which is why there is tight competition among business owners to get grants. Also, you don’t have to offer a fraction of ownership over your business to gain this free financing option.

Grants come from non-profit organizations, government agencies, and private companies. These organizations offer grants to assist businesses in reaching their goals based on certain requirements that business owners must study to access them. However, the downside of going for the business grant is that you would have to compete heavily and fill out multiple applications if you want your business to win a cash award. Although it requires a tedious process, it is exceedingly rewarding.


Venture Capital

Venture capital requires that outsiders gain a share of your company in exchange for financing. This option works effectively for startups that lack collateral to gain bank loans. However, there must be a demonstration of the high-growth potential for venture capitalists to consider your business. Also, venture capital differs from traditional financing options because it takes higher risks to gain higher returns.

Before you gain financing from venture capitalists, you must decide if you’re ready to give up a seat on your board of directors because they require equity. However, getting the guidance of an experienced venture capitalist can provide your business with the required mentorship that it requires to thrive. You might consider another option if you’re uncomfortable with having an outsider on the board.



If you have a product that can easily attract your audience, you can use this financing style to scale your business. There are various sites such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Indiegogo that you can explore where investors help businesses with funds in return for rewards or even equity.

However, this option works best for startups that have new products that they want to launch into the market. Those who require long-term financing might have to settle for other options. Also, you require a distinct and compelling marketing campaign to compete with others on the available crowdfunding platforms. The process of providing awareness about your business can be overwhelming.


Angel Investors

Although angel investors are often mistaken for venture capitalists, they are quite different. While venture capital involves an established company offering finance, an angel investor deals with an individual. It is often easier for angel investors, especially when the company lacks the demonstrable growth that venture capital requires. Angel investors can help you save money and help you succeed with your business.

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How To Build Business Credit

Most relatively new businesses have no credit history that can help them gain financing quickly. With business credit, you might face difficulties seeking funds from different financiers. There are various steps you must take to build your business credit regardless of the type of business that you’re operating. It would cover establishing your business properly, opening a bank account, vendor accounts, and others.

If you’re a new business owner, this will guide you through building your business credit, thus increasing your chances of gaining financial aid.

What Exactly Is Business Credit?

Business credit is an essential financial tool for qualifying for loans and financing. It is used for negotiation, especially in discussions around pricing and services. You need a business credit because, without it, you wouldn’t be able to apply for credit cards, loans, or even establish a working relationship with financial vendors that can help your small business. A bad credit score can be a major nightmare for a growing business because it will lack financial capacity.

However, despite the obvious benefits of business credit, most business owners don’t know how to build business credit or even maintain it. Continue reading this article to learn all you need to know.

5 Steps To Build Business Credit

Building your business credit will make you better qualified for loans and open you up to more favorable opportunities. Also, it would protect your personal finances by separating your business funds and allow you to achieve the growth you desire. Here are the 5 sure steps to build your business credit:

The first step to building your business credit is establishing your business legally. You must register it as a limited liability company, partnership, sole proprietorship, or corporation. Another thing you must consider is the legal name of the company so that it would easily distinguish it from others. Make sure to create a business contact because it has the added advantage of making you more credible with the government and vendors. When you’re done with the legal aspects, you must register your account with vendors that will inform the credit bureaus about creating your business credit file. This would make your business identifiable to business credit reporting agencies.

Your employer identification number (EIN) is a 9-digit number given to your company by the government to ensure easy identification. You would use this number throughout the year to pay taxes, open a business account, and apply for licenses and business credit.

With your EIN, you can now open a business account that would allow you to separate your money from your business earnings. Opening a bank account is necessary because it is a bank reference for credit applications. Also, lenders take note of this data when they’re reviewing your business for financing.

Applying for net terms with vendors would help you build your business credit quickly. When you pay early, these vendors report your activity to credit agencies. Such activity is what forms your company’s credit profile; afterward, you would get a business credit score generated. However, you must research thoroughly to ensure that the vendor you plan to use would report to the business credit agencies. That singular act would secure you for further credit applications.

One quick way to build business credit is by opening and using credit cards. Once your business runs, apply for a business credit card that you will use monthly. However, your credit limit will be low since you just started your business, but with time, you can access more funds as your limit increases.

Best Credit Cards

  • American Express Blue Business Card: This card option offers a cashback rate of 1%-2% with an intro fee of $250. This credit card has no annual fee, making it a great choice for business owners. However, you require a credit score between 690-850 to get this card.
  • Ink Business Cash Credit Card: It offers a cashback rate of 1%-5% with an intro fee of $750. You wouldn’t have to pay an annual fee. This credit card is a great choice for business owners that get office supplies regularly. The requirement for this card ranges from 690 to 850.
  • World of Hyatt Business Credit Card: This credit card option is perfect for business owners who frequently travel, requiring them to use hotels. It requires an annual fee of $199 and offers a welcome bonus of 60,000 bonus points.
  • Ink Business Preferred Credit Card: With this card, you would get intro points of 100k. However, you would have to pay an annual fee of $95. Also, you require a credit score of 670-850 to access this option.
  • Capital One Spark Miles for Business: In the first year of using this card, you wouldn’t have to bother about paying an annual fee. The intro bonus for it is 50,000 miles which are $500 in travel. You also need a good credit score to be accepted for this option.

Unsecured Business Credit For Businesses

Unsecured business credit deals with a lender that requires no asset to hold unto before you’re offered a loan. However, since the risks the lender would take are much, they often have higher interest rates. It has a quicker response time from banks and lenders. This type is safe because you need not worry about losing any valuable property if you default. However, you must be disciplined with your spending because if you overspend, it might be difficult for you to make repayments. The best-unsecured business credit for businesses includes:

Capital One Spark Classic For Business

This unsecured credit card is a great way of building your business credit. Business owners with a fair to average credit score of about 580 can use it. It requires no annual fee and offers a 1% cash back reward on every purchase.

Petal 2 “Cash Back, No Fees”

Visa Credit Requires no annual or foreign transfer fees. You can always use this if you’re looking for a credit card that would help you build with a limited credit score. However, the APR can run high over time, and this option doesn’t offer an intro bonus.

Avantcard Credit Card

The main purpose you can achieve with this card is to help you build your credit history. It offers a reasonable price in exchange for credit with no hidden fees. Avantcard credit card requires an annual fee ranging from $0 to $59 with a credit limit between $300 and $3000. It has different changes which make the pricing vary.

There are many financing options that you can use for your business. However, you must determine what works best for you, your business structure, and your credit score before making your choice. Your entire business might be resting on the shoulder of the choice that you make for it to either sink or swim. We believe that the details from this article have guided you through the process of gaining financing for your business.

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