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Send your press release to journalists who want it!

Curation Over Quantity

We succeed by hand-selecting the journalists most likely to respond to your press release distribution. This is done by knowing what journalists are looking for and reaching them on the nation’s oldest and largest newswire.


Connect with industry-specific trade magazines, reporters, and bloggers.
Our media database exceeds 1.7 million contacts, including 700,000+ bloggers & social media influencers—key to earning media for small business owners.

Measured Results

A detailed report shows traffic, audience, and engagement, as well as your press release distribution on as many as 300 online pr media submission sites. Included in all three distribution plans.

National Newswire Distribution Service

Reach all major news outlets through the largest newswire service for press releases.
Distributing your press release to 550 news content systems, 3,000 newsrooms, and more than 4,500 major news websites through PR Newswire’s network.

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize press releases for all major search engines, but we don’t do any deceptive SEO stuff. We practice white hat content distribution and make sure your press release is coded in a way that is easy for search engines to understand.

Subscribing Journalists

For 20+ years, we have nurtured relationships with journalists, reporters, bloggers, and influencers. Our PR Pro press release distribution includes one Cision Influencer list – a curated email send to individuals likely to engage with your press release.

Popular PR Packages

Press Release & Editorial News

Local Services USA journalists will produce two well-crafted 700-word articles (one press release, one editorial news), distribution to unlimited channels and countries, two Google News indexed articles, genuine media visibility with basic search engine optimization (SEO) value, and RSS syndication to multiple media outlets and journalists.

Weekly Writing & Distribution

Our journalists keep your brand in Google News throughout the month with one editorial news article each week. High domain authority sites, DO-Follow Links and good SEO support. Perfect to support PR/SEO combined marketing objectives.

Press Release For Premium Brands

Three High-visibility news editorials + two press releases with a combined reach exceeding 120M viewers. The strongest SEO value, with authoritative media sites that are trusted with readers. Great for brands who seek to dominate with media awareness and SEO. High Domain Authority Links guaranteed. 

Combine SEO & PR for Enterprises

Superior brand building, referral traffic and SEO package for sustained growth and startup acceleration. Keep trending in top media outlets and get 20+ high domian authority upto 90+ preferred for scaling your business. Perfect for scaling up a business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is the art of generating and seeding content to relevant media publications. This could be through a Video, Infographic or using data to create a story.

Why is Digital PR Needed?

Digital PR is needed by brands looking to dominate and excel against their competitors. The service itself can have huge impact on factors such as brand awareness and SEO authority. The content needed to generate coverage in high authoritative sites can only be done through strong PR.

How Do I Know if I Need Digital PR Services?

Any business who invest in SEO or want to be more visible on Google should look at digital PR as way to maximise their SEO strategy. It can help return short term result whereas traditional SEO tends to take longer to generate greater visibility.

How Do You Get Backlinks From High Domain Authority Websites?

Content. A lot of agencies will say the backlink and coverage is purely from relationships, although that can sometimes be the case, the best results are served by natural pick up generated from outstanding content marketing campaigns and digital PR.

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We Offer Exceptional Digital Press Release and Distribution Services

We are in a digital age where an average person spends more than 4 hours daily surfing the internet. This calls for businesses to chant their awareness of the digital space. Without the input of authorized press release services, it is painstaking to let your target audience and customers know who you are and what service you offer. However, by adopting digital press releases and distribution, you can win the trust of journalists in little or no time, which ultimately translates to broader coverage for your business. Isn’t this interesting already?

This guide is for businesses seeking a more effective way to ensure that their brand awareness reaches a broad range of audiences. A press release is a unique feature in the general public relations umbrella. It allows you to reach out more effectively to a wider audience of journalists on important announcements, vital news, or offerings from your business.

A typical press release will have a real headline, followed by a few paragraphs that define the message, primarily for businesses. A press release is helpful to make specific official announcements like;

  • The annual or quarterly financial result of your organization
  • Stock offerings, acquisitions, and partnerships
  • Change in the organization’s board member(s) or a new CEO appointment
  • Useful in informing the people about the launch of a new company product or service
  • Major company or business achievements

The above (as well as other vital information) must get to the press to see that the people get the message you are sharing. While distributing press releases, you must know which type of press release a particular journalist should require. From the above-listed types of press releases, you may wish to send your company’s annual or quarterly financial report to a journalist.

What Our Client Says

Press Release and Distribution – an Overview

Press releases and distribution are important activities that can build a better business reputation and awareness. However, to achieve a press release's aim, you must observe several protocols and all processes need to be engaged. Because of the time, effort and resources often put into preparing a press release, and your message must get to the appropriate quarter at the right time.

The Primary Objective of Press Release and Distribution

The primary goal of PR and distribution is to manage a company's reputation, secure its brand voice in the industry, and build business affinity. As time evolved and everything started migrating to the digital space, businesses started adopting press releases and distribution. They used this to create brand awareness, inform their audience about new services or products, and position their business as the ultimate solution provider to their customer’s rising needs.

As we proceed further in this guide, we will discuss how you can prepare a successful press release and distribution to build your establishment. Read on to learn more about leveraging this innovation to command brand growth.

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Why Send a Press Release for Brand Awareness?

The primary purpose of PR distribution is to get enough coverage in media publications like TV news, newspapers, podcasts, bulletins, and blogs. This way, you are well-positioned to raise your brand awareness to a broad audience.

Gaining coverage from the press will help your business name in public forums. This plays a vital role in brand awareness, especially when many journalists consider press releases their preferred content.

Below are the top 3 benefits of sending a press release for distribution:


Press Release Will Boost Your SEO

By distributing a press release, you give your business the chance to cover a huge range. In addition, there is a chance that other websites will link back to your business, boosting your visibility on search engines.


Press Release Can Generate Traffic to Your Business

If you own a brick-and-mortar shop, sending a press release for distribution has the potential to get tons of people through the door. Whether you have an upcoming event or are launching a new product sale, a press release lets you measure sufficient traffic to your business.


Sending a Press Release Generates More Sales

A target press release distribution would significantly impact your bottom line, especially when you're laughing at an exclusive line or new product.

For instance, if you offer Cyber Monday or Black Friday discounts on your product or service, reaching out to retail journalists can help highlight your offer. 

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Delving Deeper: The Importance of Strategic Press Release

Here, we shall discuss the importance of crafting strategic press releases to produce positive results. Let’s examine each component as we go.

Preparation is Key to Success

A handful of components contribute to a successful press release, one of which is preparation. As you compose your message, have your target audience in mind. This should include the readers as well as the journalists. Ensure your message aligns with your business or organization’s goal.

For a majority of the press release, it could mean having

This is the central part of your press release, which includes a headline – with subheadings if needed – and paragraphs that clearly describe who you are and what you have to offer. The body provides details about your company that are relevant to your audience.

When preparing a press release for distribution, it is essential to include images that relate to your message and attract your audience's attention. When sending a press release via email, it is best if you reduce the resolution of the attached images to reduce the size of the file. It is better that you allow the press editors to know that you have available versions with higher image resolutions should there be a need for a print outlet.

You can have your business’ vision and mission in this press release section. The media pack generally consists of organizational photos and graphically-represented facts that can aid storytelling to the target audience.

The boilerplate comes at the end of your press release to provide the journalist with added information about your business. Think of this section as a diminished version of an “about us,” but in one paragraph. Keep it natural and short when writing this part, with your business essentials included.

How do you want journalists to get back to you when customers have a follow-up query? Including updated contact information will allow for the easy arrangement of interviews.

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Once preparation is put in place to ensure that you get every needed resource for a successful press release ready for distribution, you need to start contacting journalists that count. Here in this section, we shall look at several rules that apply to pitching the right way and to the right people. Follow closely as we explore this.

Importance of Pitching Your Press Release

When building your brand awareness to a target audience, you must get your information across through the right channel. Pitching helps you sort your press release distribution channel to get the best result from every publication.

Our Ultimate Rules of Pitching

We provide marketers with golden rules that characterize an excellent PR pitch, and they include


Understanding The Right Distribution Channel

One of the most challenging situations journalists face in press release and distribution is that businesses send them press releases that are not within their niche. Business journalists focusing on acquisition and mergers have nothing to do with a press release involving fashion and beauty products or services.


Target Their Publication

Editors and journalists will be impressed when you tell them how you understand their publication. This may involve you flicking through their latest editions or visiting their website and studying unique segments that will work well in your press release. You could also indicate in your pitch how you think that your press release will suit their audience. Indeed this process can be detailed, but there is contention between quality and quantity. This approach is sure to bring you quality results.


Less of You, More of Them

The primary goal of pitching is to place editors and journalists in a unique position that benefits them from their press releases. Let them know your message will be of immense value to their readers and how you aim to help them grow their industry credibility by providing factual and engaging press releases.

The truth is that most editors care less about your business or how you are desperate to grow your audience. They are directly interfacing with the audience; all they want is trust and credibility. In your pitch, you should loudly spell out that your press release wouldn’t just be some mumbo jumbo but a value-packed publication.


Be Direct and Engaging

An average journalist has an email box filled with messages from similar businesses in your niche vying for some recognition. To stay afloat in the competition, you need a direct pitch with a catchy headline that engages them to take action. In short, you want your company email to stand out and get due attention.

When drafting your pitch, make sure it is straight to the point and short. The long-form pitch will effortlessly bore the journalist and produce little result.


Pay Attention to Follow up

You don’t stop just distributing your pitch to several journalists and then sit back, hoping for magic to happen. When pitching, you have to be actively involved in every process, and part of that process is that you pay close attention to follow-ups from journalists.

A good number of journalists may wish to publish your press release, but first, they have questions about your brand, and if there’s no one to act on those questions, chances are you won’t get any publication. When responding to follow-up questions, you must be fast. If it takes you one week to open a follow-up email, you may have shut the door of opportunity as far as that journalist is concerned.


Have a Newsworthy Story

The first question you should ask yourself when pitching editors and journalists about your business product or service is, “will readers find my content newsworthy?” If your content ticks the quality box, how about the quality and flow of the press release?

Other questions include:

  • Are included images of professional quality?
  • Is the press release structured to address my target audience?

Once the boxes are ticked, you can proceed to press release distribution.

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Distribute Your Content

When you have your content furnished and ready to be distributed, you should take out time to do some research. While carrying out your research, you should answer the following questions;

  • What coverage does your competitor use?
  • Did you leave out essential publications from your last distribution?
  • Are there journalists that cover your business sector?
  • What coverage have you used, and what were the results?

More importantly, you are distributing your content through the right channel. Once you’re done researching how to distribute your content, it’s time to go to the drawing board, where you start to build relationships with journalists in your business niche.

Relationship Building in PR Distribution

When distributing your press release to journalists, you must be particular about building lasting relationships. It is natural for most journalists to open press release mails from built relationships with businesses and companies from the past. What does this mean to you? It implies that your brand should establish relationships with journalists who publish releases from your sector.

By building alliances with journalists specializing in an area, you have more advantages over competitors that use the same coverage for their business. This may involve you going the extra mile to know the journalists in person at various live events like conferences. You can also present yourself — not your business in this case — as a relatable and valuable person.

This also implies that you carry out your job correctly. Each time a journalist requests from you a comment for their upcoming story, you should provide them with something less corporate and worth reading. Also, ensure that you provide genuine insight into whatever story they have cooking instead of planning to give them a sales pitch. And here's the problem with providing feedback as a business; most companies would prefer to capitalize on that avenue to pitch (which is a red flag) rather than attend to the request on time.

Another way you can build strong relationships with exceptional journalists is to overdeliver. Rather than issuing out a press release which happens to be expected, you can offer exclusives by attempting to know more about them and their plans to lead a better life. Depending on how friendly you have become with the journalist, you can cover the bills for a midday chat at a coffee shop to have a close-up conversation.

This will help you relate more with journalists, build brand credibility, and increase your chances of getting better coverage.

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Get Rid of Bad Newswires in PR Distribution

What are Newswires in press and distribution? Newswires are service providers that help you distribute your press release to a comprehensive list of journalists and media who will accept coverage of your message.

While there are a plethora of great newswires out there, a lousy newswire is considered an expensive yet ineffective way to go about press releases. You should get rid of them (except you're on a massive budget) as much as possible to allow your business to target a more specific audience.

Here's how a lousy newswire works in distributing your press release. When you use bad newswires, your press release reaches a wide distribution. It may receive unwanted coverage from websites and publications that do not align with your business goal or don't understand the intention behind your message. This is more like an inversion of what you initially desire.

When aiming to ring your business awareness to a specific audience, there's always this raging temptation to opt for newswires. This is essential because it is straightforward to use: all you need to do is upload your press release on their website and leave them to wire it to reach various publications.

Although newswires can effectively distribute your press release, they can also be expensive and not the best option if you're on a budget. To save a substantial amount on your budget, you can preferably hire a freelancer that personally follows up with various journalists via email or on the phone. This increases the number of publications that relate to and hear from your company personally.

You can also ensure that your products' samples are available for journalists to view. When sending samples of a product, ensure they are of outstanding quality as they speak much about your company's credibility.

How To Measure Your Press Release and Distribution Success

Once you have successfully covered every area of your press release, it is time to take an inventory of how your practice has produced the desired results. This can happen in several ways, and you should be committed to every process. At the end of your press release and distribution, you should be able to craft a complete report that answers every of your business questions.

When measuring your PR distribution results, you should appropriately answer the following questions:

  • What is the number of emails opened by journalists, and how many of them requested follow-up questions?
  • What number of publications published your message to the audience?
  • Did the publication include essential messages in your story?

After you have successfully compiled a detailed report, you can proceed to share this report with your company’s senior management to illustrate the result of the press release to the board.

Having said so much about the press release, its importance, and how to go about distribution and relationship building with journalists, it is time we discussed the top three press releases and distribution services.

Get our top Press Release and Distribution Services



One of the most notable press releases and distribution platforms is Sitetrail. They possess an influential media list and change people's perspectives about a press release. As part of the platform’s features, users get unrestricted access to an essential group of news sites powered by google. This access comes at an affordable monthly fee stated on their platform.

Sitetrail also allows you to make proper arrangements for your author profile, enabling you to appear in the news feed of websites. In addition, you can decide to write your message or preferably let trained SEO professionals handle the task and publish it upon your approval.


Globe Newswire

Suppose you are desirous of distributing your press release on a broader scale to help with your business recognition and brand voice in the industry. In that case, Globe Newswire is a press release and distribution service provider that you should consider. It is arguably one of the world's most extensive press release distribution services that provide maximum audience coverage.

Globe Newswire provides businesses and companies with a wide distribution range in any language. This means you can target your business content to different regions without fear of misinterpreting your brand goals for your audience.

Press release distribution of Globe Newswire majorly includes the United States distribution, Canadian distribution, European distribution, and as well distributions on an international level. If you are worried about entrusting your business goals to a PR distribution company, Globe Newswire is affiliated with NASDAQ and European newswires.


A brand needs to aim for long-term dominance in its respective field of service provision. One of the ways to remain relevant as a company, business, or establishment is to leverage the power of press releases and distribution.

Knowing who to partner with in publishing your press release is the first step in growing your business reach. You might also want to consider ways to solidify long-lasting relationships with editors and journalists in building a good workflow for your business.

Now that you know what press releases and distribution are and how every business needs this unique way of content marketing to expand their audience reach. You must also follow all of the best practices in this guide to build an authoritative brand that your audience can trust to provide top-notch service.