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We have a team of experienced media planners who will determine the right mix of television, radio, digital, and out-of-home advertising to reach your target audience.

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Our media buyers are experts at getting your ads in front of the right people at the right time, and our creative team can help you craft eye-catching ad campaigns that get results.

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Our experienced team will help you create powerful, targeted marketing campaigns that get results and our straightforward pricing means you will always know what you're paying for.

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With haloAnalytics™ reporting dashboards, businesses can track their progress and make changes accordingly to improve their online presence.

Audience Targeting

Local Services USA has the experience and expertise to craft omni-channel media campaigns that engage your most relevant audiences.

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We can help you create a website that is search engine optimized and easy to use, and we can also help you create effective content that will help you attract and retain customers.

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OTT Marketing

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Reach Your Target Audience With Our Traditional Marketing Tactics

Is traditional marketing dead? That’s one of the major questions business owners ask when using traditional marketing channels. This article will help you understand the relevance of traditional marketing despite the advent of digital forms.

The modern way businesses conduct their marketing campaign is different from how it used to be. The emergence of the internet gave birth to other technological innovations that changed the scope of marketing. This came with the integration of digital marketing into the existing approach.

Today, there is a painting incorporating digital and traditional marketing. Although many call classic marketing old-school because of the style of approach, it still proves valuable today in gaining traction. A lot of customers still prefer to receive direct email advertisements.

What exactly is traditional marketing? Why is it so crucial for brands and firms today, and what are the various channels to promote your brand message?

In this guide, you will learn everything about traditional marketing and how to use this method to increase brand awareness and gain your local audience's trust. In addition to that, you will also see for yourself some pros and cons of this approach.

First of all, let's define what traditional marketing is.

What Is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing, in simple terms, refers to meet your audience's needs via offline channels. Usually, in modern marketing, prospects will have to engage with specific platforms before they can hear about your product or brand name.

However, traditional marketing aims to reach a broader audience through conventional means such as billboards, print media, radio, television, etc. This involves fulfilling all marketing requirements without using any digital marketing channel.

A typical mix of traditional marketing will be to fulfill help build products that satisfy the offline demands of the customers. It helps you reach out to customers and prospects using offline channels and promote products via newspaper, radio, television, etc.

The scope of traditional marketing covers a broad range of advertising and marketing strategies. Nevertheless, it remains a popular approach to marketing that customers interact with every day of their life. Now that you understand what traditional marketing is, it's time to talk about some of the features of conventional marketing.

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Why is Traditional Marketing So Important?

Traditional marketing is critical to the survival of some businesses, even in this modern age. However, digital marketing is taking a more significant part of the world market; marketers must pay attention to existing channels like radio, TV, and newspaper.

Traditional marketing is considered critical in the campaign mix when promoting a brand with the masses in mind.

It is striking news that there are still places and niches where digital marketing has little or no effect. Let us take, for instance, locations where access to the internet is rare. In such places, people can only be aware of brands and products via traditional marketing strategies.

Also, looking at the rate at which several marketers are emerging with reasonable offers, it could be hard to spot a trustworthy brand digitally. This is where traditional marketing comes into play. People are more likely to trust your brand when they can physically interact with it.

In most cases where products are complex and extremely expensive, marketers must deploy the traditional marketing strategy to sell over digital marketing.

What are the Features of Traditional Marketing?

Before the breakthrough of the internet in the 1990s, traditional marketing remained a dominant approach for large companies to reach out to their audience in promoting their products. It is still considered an effective method focused on promoting products and services. Below are some of the features of a typical traditional marketing mix:

Little Segmentation

Unlike digital marketing, traditional marketing only delivers the message to a large audience. Thus, this approach cannot segment the target audience based on income, age, behavior, sex, etc.

Offline Tools

Every technique, tool, and strategy deployed in traditional marketing does not involve any digital channel. The price, product, promotions, processes, and all that have to do with the brand marketing campaign are structured to be executed offline.

Provides Better Value

The best way to provide better value for your customers is to offer physical products they can connect with. Unfortunately, traditional marketing ensures that people can physically touch products and experience what it looks like upfront. This will lead to better value and trust-building from your customers' end.

Build Strong Customer Relationship

Brands can quickly build stronger customer relationships through traditional marketing. It all starts with the credibility your brand gets from your audience due to the physical contact they make with your products. It also allows them to ask questions and raise suggestions that further strengthen the relationship.

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Our Top Marketing Strategy Methods

As a brand or business owner, there are a bunch of traditional marketing tactics that you can choose from. It is, however, sad that not all methods apply to medium and small-scale businesses. To this effect, we have created a comprehensive list of our traditional marketing methods that would help you increase your revenue.


This guide segment discusses traditional marketing tactics that any business can incorporate for better results.


One of the oldest ways businesses market their product or service is through posters. Today running physical adverts is still as relevant as it was then. It also offers better brand recall when compared to digital advert.

Back then, it was almost impossible for marketers to design fancy flyers on the computer. They only had the option of links and machines that printed the poster ads. But today, with a little technological sprinkle, poster ads have taken on a new look.

This is a crucial part that marketers need to pay attention to, as posters can be used to get emotional reactions from customers without breaking the bank. So instead of spending some money, pay-per-click adverts and poster ads could stay around for a longer time.

The return on investment from this traditional marketing method depends mainly on the campaign's strategy. However, they can have similar effects to digital adverts.


Presentation as a form of traditional marketing has existed for quite some time. It is predominant in the B2B industry and can be classified as an indirect marketing strategy. Although this conventional marketing method is well-known, most businesses are yet to take full advantage of it.

Attractive presentations could be the best way to approach industry decision-makers and create the best first impression for your customers.

When marketers use this new traditional marketing method, they focus mainly on what their product can offer better than existing ones. However, a bad presentation can mar the campaign from its onset.

When using this traditional marketing method, it is recommended that marketers spend sufficient time creating an appealing presentation. Today, with innovative tools out there, it is effortless to create an attractive and comprehensive presentation.

Overall it is essential to ensure that the presentation is easy to skim through. This will not only save you time when showcasing your product to investors and customers, but it will also make it more appealing.

Marketing at Events

This marketing approach started gaining traction during the post-pandemic era. Marketing campaigns were carried out at special events to give marketers the privilege of interacting with people from various industries to showcase their products.

This also does not directly involve a digital platform but the convergence of people from different parts to participate in a booth. Marketers do this to gain visibility and promote their brand offerings.

Marketing consistently at special events will benefit a brand as people begin recognizing your product. Also, this will cause network growth to move at breakneck speed.

Cold Phone Calls

What better way can one explain traditional marketing without placing some emphasis on cold phone calls? This is a strategy that makes some people get mad. However, it is very effective. Imagine getting a call from a brand on a stressful Monday afternoon to find out they have that product you've been looking for.

With advancements flying around, marketers are more advantaged to reap from this strategy. The key to succeeding at it is converting as many cold leads as possible into warm leads.

The information should include more than just the person's name and phone number when placing cold phone calls. Other essential data, such as the region and the occupation, should be leveraged. If the scope of your marketing campaign is in a business-to-business arrangement, cold lead competitors should also be capitalized on.

This information can help to make the call personal, which gives better results and makes for the perfect traditional marketing strategy.

Direct Email

There's a massive chance that brands still in the infant stage of their growth have not used the traditional marketing strategy of “direct email.” So can it be said that this tactic has gone on the horizon? Not quite.

According to a study by Pebble Post, customers are more likely to pay attention to sufferings made via direct message. This study also reveals that customers prioritize promotional offers received via direct email.

What if your target audience as a brand is millennials? A study by USPS shows that there's a higher chance of millennials taking action on campaign collateral that is received by direct email. However, direct email is still an effective way to reach the older generation.

One of the best practices to use this tactic in traditional marketing is to send direct emails only to people who have interacted with your product or brand in one way. These people already know what your brand stands for and are more likely to consider promotional offers that come once in a while.

OTT/CTV Advertising

The concept of OTT and CTV advertising bridges the gap between traditional and digital marketing. This strategy allows marketers to publicize their brand and product offerings to a more targeted audience.

Over-the-top and connected TV advertising transmits information to people over the internet instead of the conventional cable or satellite connection. Being a hybrid marketing strategy, people with smartphones and internet-enabled TVs can be targeted for adverts.

This gives marketers an edge in a fast-paced world where smartphone and connected TV owners are growing in their numbers.


Chief among traditional marketing strategies is the use of billboards. This tactic has remained relevant through several business seasons and is readily available today. Today, you will still find giant billboards standing by the road, having lots of lighting like they used to be in the 80s. So what has made the strategy survive the test of time?

Although it is difficult to calculate the return on investment from a billboard, they aim to establish a long-term presence in the industry rather than having sales that only last for a short period.

Also, billboards are not used as direct response marketing but help create brand awareness. With that said, billboards are famous for building brand recognition on a higher level. Today, marketers can get more creative with billboards to stand out from the competition and give people strong reasons to remember your brand.

Images and bright colors are fundamental to attracting the right audience to your business. Therefore, essays should be avoided when marketing via billboards as much as possible.


Broadcasting remains a crucial part of marketing campaigns, as it has been for decades. With the introduction of Netflix and other platforms, I've placed less demand on radio and TV broadcasting. However, this means of traditional marketing is far from being up so late in the industry.

The reason why this method is highly effective for brand awareness and product offerings is that they target a large amount of audience. Moreover, it has a more prominent entry barrier meaning that your competitors on the broadcasting level are few. For example, small businesses will quickly be fizzled out of the competition because they need to afford television advertisements.

This is the perfect way to make important announcements about offers from your brand. It also helps you to add up to your brand awareness. It is effortless for people to ignore poster advertisements, but they will find it challenging to escape radio broadcasts about your business.



Last but not least is a traditional marketing strategy involving one-on-one interaction. In this approach, a representative of your brand (also known as a salesperson) can get immediate feedback about your product or service from potential customers.

This has more to do with psychological gameplay, as there is more to understanding the customer's needs than merely trying to sell. This strategy is one of the most effective ways to go out and meet customers rather than wait for them to seek.

Although many still consider one-on-one interaction to be an intrusive method, there is no doubt that it works and produces some of the best results.

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Benefits Of Traditional Marketing

Now that we have done Justice to the features and types of traditional marketing, let's delve into some advantages of using this means to promote your brand.

What this type of marketing does for large and medium-sized businesses is that it allows them to get through to an extensive range of demographics. The advantage of having advertisements run on billboards, radio, and television is that they will quickly cover specific geographical areas, reaching a more diverse audience.

Reaching a broad audience base can contribute to the growth of the business. Thus, traditional marketing is a preferred option to welcome more prospects. Furthermore, traditional marketing allows new audiences (prospects) to get accustomed to your brand and service offerings.

When you trust us with your traditional marketing campaign, we utilize all possible means to publicize your brand to a large audience.

Printing hard-copy materials to promote your brand's offerings will perform better in creating an impression in the heart of many. For instance, a public campaign centered on customer and product value can pull prospects toward your brand.

When adverts go public, they help the brand interface with many people at once, compared to digital marketing approaches.

We understand that brand exposure is important as actually making sales. This is why we are committed to the best practices in traditional marketing to ensure that your brand gets in front of the people who matter.

Think of a better approach to marketing that doubles as a brand credibility builder, and you have the traditional marketing approach. For example, when adverts are printed on larger boards, it leaves an impression of trust in prospects. These conclusions are because traditional marketing is often associated with massive budgets.

It is believed that a business that has the financial resources to run a commercial advert on TV and radio must be competent.

You'll agree at this point that traditional marketing can better be sustained and leave a longer impression of your brand in people. Marketers can make use of the same brochures, flyers, or business cards over and over again. As a result, there is no need to craft new content time after time.

Unlike digital marketing, there's no need for a continual flow of promotional content to maintain the viewers' attention.

This marketing method makes it much easier for brands to reach out and connect to their audience at a local level. Platforms like radio are indispensable for communicating and promoting the brand's message to its local audience.

Effective traditional marketing tactics like newspaper adverts, billboards, and brochures put a brand in the heart of its audience.

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Some Limitations Of Traditional Marketing

Although traditional marketing works with current innovation to remain evergreen, this approach has some limitations.

Let's consider some of them below:


Businesses—whether small, medium, or large scale will have to pay to put up their advert in the papers or distribute it as brochures and leaflets whenever a campaign is in view. They may also be required to pay as the ads develop, in addition to the money paid for securing TV spots.

For more benefits, businesses may need to pay for a tremendous amount of TV spots, which may call for an equally huge investment.

It cannot be easily Quantified.

Traditional marketing is more challenging to quantify compared to its digital counterpart. While estimations revolve around drive-bys for billboard and TV viewers, the figures from conventional marketing are mere approximations. A more measurable digital marketing can identify specific figures like KPIs through the marketing funnel.

Communicates Less Information

One major downside to traditional marketing is that it has less capacity to deliver the ad's message compared to more modern means of commission like OTT and CTV. Marketers need more time to pass their strong message via print or broadcast media.

Hard To Target A Specific Audience

Except for direct mailing, a large part of traditional marketing needs to provide an equal level of targeting. Modern technology has made marketing much more accurate when hitting the bullseye in our marketing campaign.

Consumes time

In contrast to the modern approach to marketing, the traditional style only affords businesses the time they will need to adjust their advertisement at any point. For instance, if a company wants to have its brand published in the newspaper, it will work on preparing its ad prior. When such an advert is published in a paper, it remains like that and cannot be undone.

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Top-notch Traditional Marketing Approach To Scale your Business

Everyone knows traditional marketing is still relevant in promoting your product or service. As a committed marketing agency, we can empathize with your brand needs to utilize the best possible approach to generate a hefty ROI for your brand. We provide an array of marketing budgets for large and small businesses.

According to a Print in the Mix survey, about 56% of respondents said they trust Print content. So what does this mean for brands? First, it shows a vantage point for marketers to tap into traditional marketing methods like poster ads to allow people to get accustomed to their brand.

We follow the best market research practice to ensure we get valuable data to help devise an effective marketing means. The secret behind successful campaigns is to strike a healthy balance between traditional methods and digital innovations.