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The Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing

Offline marketing strategies are becoming obsolete and ineffective because of the massive influx of people on the internet.

According to, 63 percent of the world’s population uses the internet, and do you know what? It keeps getting bigger. In 2022, it is almost impossible for you to scale your business and reach your audience without the input of digital marketing.

Relying on television, radios, business cards, pamphlets, magazines, and newspaper advertisements cannot take your business so far. You must leverage the internet to sell your services and products to gain a competitive advantage.

The key to reaching your desired audience is finding them at the right place, the internet. Companies have had to change how they market themselves because of technology and the newer trends hitting the market.

Digital marketing became popular in the 1990s due to the internet and Web 1.0. At this time, users could only find the information they wanted but couldn’t contribute. Digital marketing became popular because it allowed businesses to reach a larger audience quickly. Your target audience can find you with only a few clicks through smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices.

Although it retains some features from traditional marketing, digital marketing uses novel techniques through different channels to attract customers.

The digital marketing space is already saturated, and you need the proper knowledge to stand out in the field. You must understand digital marketing if you love engaging, drawing, and converting your customers.

What is Digital Marketing?

Simply put, digital marketing is an electronic medium used to sell goods and services.

It involves leveraging digital devices to boost sales and convert customers. It is also known as online marketing as it covers all the efforts made on the internet to connect with potential and current customers. Whenever you're using social media, SEO, email, videos, and other measures for advertisement, then you're marketing digitally.

Every smart business owner in this time and age must invest in digital marketing because of its numerous benefits. It has become quite the trend that even customers depend on the information provided on these digital channels before subscribing to your service. Digital marketing offers different options you can explore and become creative with depending on your budget.

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How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Digital marketing has free and paid channels that you can leverage to meet your company’s goals and objectives. However, you must identify what appeals most to your audience and meet their social expectations to provide value and utility at the appropriate time. A digital marketer's real job is to understand every digital channel's use to influence an audience to take a specific action.

You should start small to avoid going way above your budget. This way, you can grow your target audience gradually and organically on the platform of your choice. Also, avoid using multiple digital channels at once. Instead, master one channel before moving to the other to get the right results.  This is because every channel operates with different algorithms.

In addition, your digital marketing tactic must offer exceeding value to your audience. Now, you don’t want to be pushy and overwhelm your audience with your constant pitches. Your audience must see you as valuable with the hope that they will inform their friends, family, and followers about your service or product. Once that is achieved, you’ve succeeded with your digital marketing strategy.

What is the Difference Between Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing?

Often, people tend to use inbound marketing and digital marketing interchangeably. However, they are not the same.

Inbound marketing deals with a specific methodology utilizing digital assets to draw qualified leads and reach customers. In addition, this type of marketing puts customers first and takes precise steps to draw them in. It involves the creation of compelling content targeted toward an audience so that the audience can find it willingly.

However, digital marketing covers any type of marketing that happens on the internet, whether inbound or outbound. It serves as an umbrella encapsulating all marketing tactics employed via a digital medium. You can either decide to create content that your readers can find and be attracted to (Inbound Marketing) or run ads across social media or search engines that involves imposing your content on the audience (Outbound Marketing). Digital marketing accounts for these two classifications.

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Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Business owners need digital marketing as a technique that can help them transform their business. These benefits include


Digital Marketing Offers Competitive Advantage

Digital marketing is a level ground for big corporations and small business owners. If you’re running a small business, you need not be intimidated by the big guys' noise because you can compete with them and even win.

For example, search engines are more concerned with websites that provide valuable and helpful content to their audience rather than the popularity of a particular brand. You can outrank the top guys by including the right keywords in your engaging content because nobody can bribe Google.

As a small business owner, there’s a high chance you cannot beat these big corporations on other grounds because of the millions they spend on commercials and campaigns. However, digital marketing offers you a competitive advantage that allows you to stand out despite the size of your business.


Digital Marketing Allows Your Reach Your Target Audience

Offline marketing strategies are limited, mainly because they cannot help you reach your ideal audience. With a TV, billboard, or magazine, you have considered the number of people that engage these channels and the geographic location. This strategy will only allow you to reach a small percentage of your target audience, thus keeping your business in the dark.

Digital marketing, on the contrary, helps you identify your ideal audience and bridges the gap between a brand and its customers. You can control your digital marketing strategy to target a specific audience interested in your brand. In addition, digital marketing consists of various tools that can help you track your audience based on age, location, gender, interests, and networks.

Also, there are SEO and PPC strategies that you can use to discover the specific keywords that interest your audience. This way, you can structure your content as a go-to solution within your industry, even in different segments. Digital marketing occasionally allows you to revisit your marketing strategy to ensure effectiveness.


It is a Cost-Effective Method

Although you must create a realistic budget for your digital marketing strategy, it is still cost-effective. You can run a successful campaign with only $5, and there are numerous tools you can leverage without paying a dime. Traditional marketing requires that you pay exorbitant prices just to get your brand featured, and there’s no certainty that it will convert customers. In cases where it does not convert, you will only have wasted your money.

Digital marketing allows you to easily switch to another digital channel in cases where it’s not performing well. It can save you extra costs and offers the liberty to move from one channel to another to improve results. With digital marketing, you can get value for your spending and explore multiple options.


You Can Measure Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing strategies are not measurable. For example, if you place an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, you cannot accurately determine the number of people that saw it. You cannot also choose their reaction to what you’ve published. However, digital marketing is quite the opposite.

You can get explicit metrics across different digital channels that cover the clicks, shares, likes, impressions, and the time your audience spends on your post. For your website, you can leverage digital analytics software that will show you the precise number of people that visit your site. It helps to determine the digital marketing strategies that work best for you.

Also, with digital marketing, you can determine how people engage with your content and their response to it. This way, it helps you generate leads for the future content you will create.


It Allows You To Engage Your Audience At All Stages

Your buyer’s journey through the sales funnel requires consistent engagement. Your digital marketing strategy must effectively attract, interest, and influence your customers' decisions in a way that leads them to take action. Digital marketing can help you through these stages because you can track your customers' progress through this journey. Unlike traditional marketing techniques that are difficult to follow, this plays a vital role in converting your customers. In addition, you can improve the methods to engage your audience better and gain quality leads that can directly influence your conversion rate.


Digital Marketing Is Easily Adaptable

Building an effective marketing strategy requires lots of work, and sometimes, you can realize that your customers are not responding to your posts while you’re halfway into the project. You can make mistakes or wrong assumptions that can affect your entire project. Now, the question is, how do you fix it?

Luckily, digital marketing is easily adaptable because it allows you to change your strategy to ensure you get the best results. Also, it saves you from the hassle of starting from the beginning. However, adjusting traditional marketing strategies takes more time, cost, and effort. With digital marketing, you can enjoy enormous benefits that take your business to the next level.

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Types of Digital Marketing

You are most likely to choose different marketing strategies when embarking on a digital marketing campaign. These strategies constitute the types of digital marketing that we have.

Although there are more than a dozen ways to go about digital marketing, the list below has been curated for a universal business approach and cut across different industries.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital part of digital marketing. It allows marketers to put their business before their target audience by following standards that enable them to rank on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Not only is SEO a potent tool in digital marketing, but it is also one of the most cost-efficient strategies your business would enjoy. Unlike most types of digital marketing, you can kick off with SEO on a meager budget.

In addition, SEO is a brilliant digital marketing strategy because it is one of the most effective means to grow your business organically. Aside from the fact that SEO cuts across other components of digital marketing, it is also an excellent stand-alone approach for driving more traffic and engagement to your business.

This way, you are not required to pay for your brand awareness. So long as you have an optimized website and content, search engines like Google can easily crawl your site and index it for due recognition.

How SEO Works

The mode of operation in Search Engine Optimization is pretty simple. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo crawl websites using bots. This robot or crawler searches the entire web for new or modified web pages, and information collection takes place in the search engine's directory.

  1. On-Page SEO

The first category of SEO is what is called the On-page strategy. Businesses adopt this strategy to increase visibility by leveraging factors within the marketer's control. Some of these factors include;

  • Content creation
  • HTML elements
  • Image optimization
  • Keyword Selection

All of these factors (and many more) constitute an on-page SEO strategy in any digital marketing campaign. It is more like the back-end tactics that get you ranked high on Google search results. At this point, marketers need to harness every means possible to ensure they provide relevant and optimized content for their target audience.

For example, to rank high on-page SEO tactics, you may need to combine two factors: publishing quality content (with good structure) and optimizing your content with relevant keywords.

Using HTML elements also helps search engines identify your content structure and index it based on its relevance to the searcher's query. As a business owner or marketer, everything you can do from your end (on your website) makes up the on-page SEO strategy.

  1. Off-Page SEO

In off-page SEO, ranking depends on factors without the marketer's control. Positively influencing your brand awareness with an on-page SEO strategy is sound. However, there is a need for you also to pay attention to factors that you cannot modify that contribute to your digital marketing result.

Following the “cranberry juice” search query example cited earlier, the result of businesses that offer similar services may depend on location. Search engines like Google consider a user's geographic location in providing relevant search results.

Another off-page SEO factor is the backlinks profile. Although you cannot control these factors, you can surely optimize your content to ensure it is visible to search engines.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a unique type of SEO centered on the events on the back-end of your business website. It focuses on the codings of your website, data structures, image compression, and optimization of CSS files. These factors enhance your website's loading speed, giving you an edge in ranking.

How SEO Helps in Digital Marketing

By now, you already have a basic understanding of what SEO is and why it is vital in digital marketing. The bigger question now is “how” can one deploy SEO to reach out to the right audience. Myopic perspective is “consistently publishing content” or “adding relevant images to your content.”

As well-meaning as these opinions are, they still do not sufficiently answer the question of “how to” effectively go about digital marketing using SEO. In the next section, we shall look at how to solve the digital marketing problem through best SEO practices.

Best SEO Practices

Here are some of the best SEO practices that put you ahead in your digital marketing campaign. They include:

A.  Quality Content

You must have heard the popular saying that “content is king.” Well, it applies to digital marketing also. The primary aim of marketing your product or service online is so that you can make sales. Now, here's the thing; nobody will invest in your product or service without backing it up with engaging and relevant content.

Every successful digital marketing campaign came—one way or another through quality content. It is the bedrock of your brand awareness and the secret behind solid conversion. Quality content is not just about ranking high; it should be able to educate, inform, and aid your audience in making the right decision.

Quality content will allow your audience to weigh their options before purchasing what you're marketing online. Good content is not manipulative or stuffed with keywords, all in the bid to rank high.

B.  HTML Elements

Like quality content for your digital marketing strategy, HTML elements also work well to provide a structured publication. If you are keen on ranking your business high on Google's gradient of relevance, you must learn how to deploy HTML elements.

Different components make these elements, and each part has a role in using SEO and a digital marketing tool.

1.   Meta Description

Meta description in SEO is synonymous with a snippet of the entire content. A good meta description gives prospects a foretaste of what your content entails.

2.   Header Tags

Header tags help to connote subheadings in your content. When publishing content to be marketed digitally, you may need to use header tags to give more detailed explanations about the subject matter.

Headed tags come in various degrees concerning their place in your content. H1 tags, for example, indicate the subject of the content to search engines, while subsequent header tags focus on explaining topics under the issue.

    C. Image Optimization

Optimizing images in your content or website goes a long way in preparing your business for visibility. You should back quality content with descriptive visual representations; this is where image optimization comes in.

Research reveals that people interact more with visual content than written content. Optimizing your content with relevant images will serve as a good source of information to your audience, rather than just

    D. Keyword Selection

Keywords are like aim-points on red dot sights. Using appropriate keywords helps you target a specific audience. The keyword selection process begins with research based on the searcher's intent. Further data that can be a key pointer to selecting the right keyword is “competition analysis.”

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a type of digital marketing used to drive home traffic to your website by paying publishers each time users click on your ad. A business owner creates an advertisement bound to redirect prospects to their website after making a relevant service or product query.

The most common type of pay-per-click is Google ads. This platform allows marketers to auction their ads for top positions on Google SERPs. There are other platforms where marketers are permitted to use pay-per-click as a type of digital marketing:

Twitter Advertising

In Twitter advertising, marketers can pay to have profile badges or series of posts displayed on the newsfeed of a target audience. Twitter ads target accomplishing unique business goals, which can be more followers, website traffic, app downloads, or tweet engagement.

Facebook Ads

Here, marketers and business owners get the opportunity to increase their audience reach by paying to customize visual content published on Facebook as a news feed for users with matching product or service needs.

LinkedIn Sponsored Messages

Sponsored messages on LinkedIn are a unique strategy of PPC. Marketers can pay to send direct messages to their prospects' inboxes on LinkedIn. LinkedIn sponsored messages enable advertisers to quickly re-engage older conversations that may have come to an end without generating a lead.

Getting the hang of pay-per-click for the first time could be daunting. However, with more attention paid to this type of digital marketing, you can surely make a better impression with your ads.

Getting Familiar with Pay Per Click

We have provided a little for you to familiarize yourself with PPC quickly. Below are some points for you to consider while you go about pay-per-click strategy as a means of search engine marketing.

Cost per Mile (CPM)

Cost per mile is a unique strategy of bidding for ads that place more priority on impressions made by ads over clicks. This method of PPC advertising is best for marketers bent on creating rock-solid awareness of their brand.

Cost per Click (CPC)

Cost-per-click is an advertisement strategy that differs depending on the competition in your industry. This strategy of pay per click can go up from a few cents right up to $60 in budget. Except you are on a high ad budget, cost per mile may be a better option.

Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

CPA is a unique pay-per-click metric system that displays your revenue impact from a PPC campaign. The revenue impact can be measured by dividing the total amount you spend on PPC by your conversion number.

Cost per Conversion

As the name implies, PPC advertising refers to the total amount of money you spend before realizing your first conversion from an advertisement.

Content marketing is all about creating quality content to be promoted to a target audience. As the name implies, you are simply marketing content to the end that you do one of four things;

  • You are either working towards brand awareness
  • Envisaging lead generation
  • Planning to drive more traffic to your business
  • Working towards proper customer management

Several channels play a crucial part in ensuring that you get maximum output from your content marketing campaign. Let us take a look at some of these channels of content marketing.

Blog Posting

Posting about your business on a blog is essential to marketing your content. Companies that desire growth and conversion should consider having a blog where they can write and publish content that speaks to their audience. Blog posting also helps you effectively generate organic traffic from website visits from users who find your content insightful and relevant to their search query.

Whitepaper & Ebook Publication

Publishing whitepaper content and ebooks is another way of making educational articles available to your website visitors. In addition, it allows for a better exchange of reader information for informative and engaging content. It is valuable in generating business leads and guiding people through a purchase journey.

Audio Content Publishing

Online radios or podcasts are one popular means of audio publicity in digital marketing. Content creation should be suitable for audiences that love to engage more with audio content. Based on the 2020 survey, more people between the ages of 12 and 32 (more than 49%) spend an average of 6 hours a week listening to online radio for six months.

This statistic indicates that businesses are yet to take maximum advantage of this marketing medium in creating relevant and engaging content for their audience. Audio content marketing allows companies to develop creative ways to communicate their message.

You can decide to focus every audio content on varying topics based on customer needs or requests. Firms can also include announcements of special services and product launches in the audio content, which drives more engagement.


Sometimes, readers on your website seek more than just written content to grasp what you are passing across to them entirely. Infographics give a detailed visual representation of concepts that help users understand a message.

Video Content Publishing

Video content publishing in digital marketing is one of the most result-oriented approaches. Users will likely learn more about your business offerings from a video publication or advertising about your product or service. The reason is that video publishing compels more attention because it interacts directly with the visual sense of customers and prospects.

Furthermore, marketing video content is a good way of realizing an increased return on investment (ROI) for your business. In like manner, you can also enhance your input by marketing video content on different social media platforms, blogs, or websites.

Paid Advert

Paid advertisements are a form of content marketing that assists your brand in interfacing with people who may require your product or service offer. Content marketing as paid ads favor your business reach and gives you the edge of gaining visibility with little effort compared to Search Engine Marketing. Paid ads work together with inbound marketing to produce stellar digital marketing results across different platforms.

Marketing in social media helps to promote your content and brand across different social media platforms. Due to the vastness of several social media platforms, social media marketing helps to lead your business to greater heights through increased traffic.

For businesses or marketers who are new to social media marketing, this section will help you to understand how campaigning about your product or service on different platforms works. This way, you can easily penetrate your business into a medium where your target audience spends most of their time.

Aside from using social media platforms to publish exciting posts to entertain and inform users, you can also integrate marketing into your social media accounts to help improve your campaign strategy.

It is also important to note that each marketing strategy designed for social media platforms is exclusive to a brand's mission, goal, and content.

Building the Right Social Media Marketing Strategy

Knowing that each social media marketing strategy has an exclusive brand approach, it is worthwhile to note the general steps to building a solid social media marketing campaign.

Knowledge of Your Brand Audience

Before starting any social media marketing idea, you should fully understand your potential audience, what they find interesting, and how they love to communicate. This information will educate your approach to content creation.

Standing Out as a Brand

Marketing on social media is all about being identifiable as a unique brand. A unique selling point is the starting point of singling your brand out of the crowd of other establishments in the industry. You may want to sit down and count the cost before choosing your preferred social media platform to market your content.

You also want your audience to have a sustained perception of what your brand stands for. You should be particular about leaving an impression of your brand in the mind of your customers.

Content Strategy

You must have heard about content strategy as one of the pillars of content marketing. It sure helps marketers to have a blueprint of what their content will continue to look like across different social media platforms. While there is yet room to be inspirational, there has to be a structure that ensures that your content maintains a particular format of publishing.

Continuity & Analytics

Content strategy does not stand alone in content marketing; consistency also matters. Because you are interfacing with people on social media, you must create content that continuously educates them about your brand. To keep getting engagements, you need to commit to giving valuable content.

On the other hand, analytics helps you get insight into your content data and performance. It also informs you on the best content marketing strategy based on customer satisfaction.

Below are channeled through which you can execute your social media marketing:

Twitter Ads

Social media marketing on Twitter is easy to put your content before your followers. Unlike other social media marketing, Twitter encourages marketers to share valid links to their product or service, backed with an ad copy.

Facebook Ads

Marketing your content on Facebook allows you to target a specific audience based on their group involvement and activities. Ads are displayed on users' news feed as they go through the content on the home page.

Instagram Ads

Similar to Facebook marketing, marketers can also pay to get their content placed in front of people that matter to their business. Users get ads based on their following and interest (posts they like).

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads help marketers to place their content at strategic points during video playback. You can go ahead with YouTube Ads if you are sure of engaging more people. Ads on YouTube may redirect prospects to subscribe to a newsletter list, download an app, or sign up for a YouTube event.


Linkedin is a professional social platform, and bringing your business to this platform is a unique means of social media marketing. Marketers are open to different ad options in engaging with their prospects, from sponsored messages to paid ads.


Marketers prefer to use social media platforms to advance their marketing campaigns. It is more accessible to partner with content creators who have gained authority in the industry in helping to grow your social media marketing campaign.

Distribution of online press releases is a type of digital marketing that helps to secure much online coverage using blogs, websites that publish content regularly, or digital publications. This type of press release adopts the traditional distribution method but with an online destination.

Several methods through which firms can maximize  online press release distribution include the following:

Journalists Outreach

When reaching out to journalists, social media platforms like Twitter is a good way for you to develop lasting relationships with the press. It allows your business to maximize your input in online press release distribution.

Interacting with Reviews of Your Business

After people purchase your product or pay for your service, they usually have a review after experiencing your business service. Usually, you may not feel the need to engage with reviews of your business. However, there are many advantages when you interact with reviews from users.

It helps you to give users of your product an impression that your brand is responsive and under natural human management.

Take Comments Serious

If you maximize using online press releases as your digital marketing, you must also learn to engage with comments on your blog or website. Similar to engaging with reviews about your product, comments from readers on your website go a long way in generating more solution-based content.

Having a competent PR team will surely take off much of the weight when planning around readers' comments to proffer better solutions.

Large organizations make use of email marketing as a potent means of communicating to their customers and prospects. Email marketing is often a tool for content promotion, campaigning about product discounts, or special events.

Over time, you will send different emails to your customers and prospects. They include:

  • Emails to follow up on leads who have subscribed to your newsletter
  • Welcome emails to new customers
  • Promotional emails about discounts
  • Special business events to promote a better relationship

Email Automation Software

A helpful tool that is very useful for email marketing is automation software. As the name implies, this type of marketing involves using automation software to advance campaigns. Most times, the software takes care of your essential content marketing operations. Brands would prefer to automate continuous tasks that could easily be exhausting when done manually. Tasks like;

Post Scheduling

Keeping a consistent posting schedule could be a painstaking task. However, with the help of automated marketing software, it is now easier to post on social media platforms. It helps you become more consistent with creating content that speaks to your audience's pain points.

Another way that post scheduling helps your business grow is by increasing your brand's active presence on social media platforms. It also removes the stress of manually posting your content so you can have more time to focus on strategizing your content.


Automating email newsletters allows you to send out promotional emails to a list of subscribers. Newsletters are also an excellent way to increase your contact list as it is required to send emails to people that need your product or service.

Tracking of Marketing Campaign

Your marketing campaign can involve too many people, web pages, content, and contact information like emails. This process is often long and detailed, but with automated marketing tools, you can quickly sort everything out by keeping track of your campaign process.

Nurturing Leads

Acquiring leads and converting them to customers can sometimes be long and painful. Marketing automation can easily take care of all these daunting tasks. You can automate sending of special emails to leads from time to time. This automation will help you to nurture them until they are ready to make an informed decision in purchasing your product or service.

Digital advertising has its ground established in over-the-top and connected TV advertising. Promoting your content via an OTT channel ensures effective marketing through the internet, unlike typical marketing, which often requires a cable.

OTT and CTV advertising is a cost-efficient method of putting your product or service out by publishing video-on-demand (VOD) format to users with devices connected to the internet. The advantage of marketing via OTT and CTV advertising is that you get to interface with a broader range of audiences.

We are in the era where more percentage of people are becoming active online, making them potential audiences for your content. A survey conducted in April 2021 on United States video marketers revealed the quality and effectiveness of OTT and CTV advertising over traditional cable TV advertising.

Below are some of the impacts of OTT and CTV advertising as a means of digital marketing:

Broad Targeting Option

Digital marketing via OTT and CTV advertising ensures that you reach out to a broad range of audiences. Marketing your content to connected devices brings your product before vibrant users who can immediately engage with your brand by signing up or subscribing to your service.

In addition, you also get various audience options to market your content and inform them about your business. It is one of the significant reasons established companies prefer to use this digital marketing method. By working with the best service providers, you can get more business details on targeting a specific audience based on several criteria.

You can choose to target your audience based on location, browsing or search habit, lifestyle, or demographic. OTT and CTV advertising gives you the liberty to go on a full-scale content marketing campaign.


One of the hallmarks of marketing your content using OTT and CTV advertising is that you can more accurately target a precise audience. With this digital marketing option, you have access to an accurate tracking system and options for measuring your campaigns' performance campaigns. Softwares are readily available to help you analyze data to measure the health of your campaign.

Helps with More Engagement

Marketers who are relatively new to digital marketing may want to consider marketing their content via OTT and CTV advertising. Thus, giving a healthy option for advertisements to attract their target audience. Not only is marketing via this approach cost-efficient, but it also offers one of the best video ad formats to marketers.

Users with better viewing options can interact with the ad to generate more engagement than cable or satellite TV video marketing.

There are more than 63,000 searches made on Google every ticking second on the clock. Most of the search results that appear for queries made on Google are ads—Google ads. Marketers and business owners pay for these adverts and effectively acquire qualified leads for your business while you also gain engagement.


When people search for the type of service you offer, for instance, Google displays ads that talk about such services along with web pages that address the subject matter. In most cases, these ads take the top space on SERPs.

Let's look deeper into what Google advertising is and how you can use these ads for your digital marketing campaign.

Why Google Advertising?

Google allows businesses to create paid adverts about their product or service, which will appear on search results. You find two categories of Google ads; one is above Google you can find the other beneath the results.

In addition, Google also offers display advertisements on the Google display network. The Google display network is simply an extension of third-party blogs or websites in partnership with Google ads. Advertisements on the display network can appear as videos, images, text, or in rich media format.

Google Ad Auction

Before ads pop up on Google search result pages, they undergo a process known as ad auction. It takes place whenever a user performs a search on a keyword. To prevail over opposing bids and have your business ad appear for keywords that are relevant to your business, you must have a good quality score.

The quality score of your Google ad works in tandem with your bid amount to give you an edge in the ad auction. Below are factors that affect the quality score of your Google ad:

  • How relevant your Google ad is to the search query
  • How appropriate the searcher's query is to your ad group
  • The history of your ad click-through rate (CTR)
  • The overall history of your account performance

Below are the benefits of a good quality score:

  • Google rewards businesses with good quality scores and lower costs per click to improve your return on investment.
  • A good quality score also gives your ad more visibility.

Your business website—to a large extent, represents the service or product that you offer. It is where visitors on your web page will interact with your business. It makes sense if you have a physical structure to reflect what you represent digitally.

If you are also operating an offline marketing campaign, your website will be the first point of contact that visitors have with your business, whether you provide services or sell products. Several components constitute a successful website design for your business.

Essential components that make a good website design include:

  • Graphic
  • SEO
  • Layout
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

While having a good website design plays a good part in your digital marketing strategy, most advertisers ignore other essential components that help facilitate better service provision.

We are in the digital era, and many brands are starting to embrace the importance of digital marketing and are beginning to restructure their websites to suit people's demands. Before now, websites were designed to meet a few digital marketing needs. However, with the awareness of the need to constantly modify website appearance, businesses can now experience more sales.

A successful website design in a digital marketing campaign should have the following factors.


One of the most important reasons why you need to design a website is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The components of this factor add up to your overall ranking on the search engine results page. Also, you can easily tweak your input when there is an update to Google's algorithm.

When you look at the preparation end of a website, the header tags, meta description, e.t.c, must be included in your website design.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

A good website design positively impacts your conversion rate and results in better optimization. Your website's appearance communicates your business's reliability to potential customers.

The design of your website should be kept simple, with full functionality. A complex website design can slow down the speed of your website, and users may not find this interesting, leading to a low conversion rate. You also must strike a healthy balance between having a simple design and incorporating high functionality.

User Experience

While planning a website design, it is always essential that you consider the user experience. You must ensure a user-friendly environment for your visitors; otherwise, you will lose customers due to a bad website experience.

The design of your website has an overall impact on the user experience. Thus the need for you to construct every aspect of your website with your customer needs in mind. Speaking of user-friendliness,  websites should be easy to navigate and understand.


As you manage your website design, you will need to review it at some point. Firstly you must understand that there is no such thing as having a flawless website, but you can always ensure it is in the best possible state. It will surely need more optimization, change, and adaptations to serve your customers better.

With this perspective in view, you must design your business website in such a way that helps facilitate seamless data collection from user activity to overall performance. With the input of platforms like Google analytics, websites can track how well their digital marketing campaign is going and what area needs to be tweaked to get the desired results.


Spotting a poorly represented website often takes less than 20 seconds. Customers and visitors may be unable to pinpoint some of the technical drawbacks behind your website's less-than-average delivery. Still, they can easily judge based on the design of your website.

Branding about website design makes your business unique. I'm representing what you stand for. It is a fundamental reason most companies going digital must learn to stir up energetic vibes in visitors who will grow to respect your brand as a reliable source of value and information.

Ensure to design your website to give visitors a perfect impression of who you are the moment they land on your site. It boils down to minor details; your choice of color, the font type, and the topics you discuss on your blog. All of these should reflect your brand without deep thinking.

LinkedIn is a professional social platform where users are allowed to grow their network and business. Although built to be a high official platform, you can always find your way around digitally marketing your business to your network and beyond.

LinkedIn is not a space meant only for job seekers and professionals. More individuals and organizations use this social platform to grow relationships with people in their niche while promoting their business goals. Linkedin possesses tools that allow you to present your business before a large number of people who are willing to buy from you.

By publishing daily content to engage your audience, LinkedIn lets you build lasting relationships with professionals and CEOs of similar businesses. You can also use LinkedIn to grow your email list for marketing by exporting your network and connection. You can do several things on the LinkedIn platform to boost your business awareness and gather leads. Thus, making LinkedIn marketing invaluable and an excellent addition to your digital marketing strategy.

To help you find your way around the LinkedIn platform for your digital marketing, we have provided you with key points to focus on in acquiring leads and partners, ultimately boosting your business.

1.  Connect With High-targeted Customers

Targeting customers and prospects on LinkedIn is unparalleled in every aspect of digital marketing. Starting businesses can lock in on specific details of possibilities that are ideal for their services or product. For instance, if your company sells beauty products to people between 18 to 35 years old in the United States. You can target your advert to LinkedIn users who reside in the United States, are within the age group, and show interest in beauty and fashion or any related interest.

2.  Stay in Touch with Customers

Your business should be able to obtain valuable information from customers. Firstly, you need to identify what type of people make your high-quality customers. If you don't know your high-quality customers, you can simply search on LinkedIn for users who are a good fit for your business. You can then keep in touch with people who have demonstrated interest in your service or product.

3.  Expand Your Email Marketing List

You can grow your email list on LinkedIn by crafting a special message to your new connection, thanking them for accepting to connect with you. Then you can invite them to be a part of your growing email marketing list. If you are an organization using this strategy, do not fail to apologize for your email's lack of personalization. This way, you can send a message to 50 people at one time.

Your message must have reciprocity: enlighten them on the value they get from joining your email marketing list.

4.  Try out Sponsored Message

Businesses pay to have their message on LinkedIn users' post feeds. It can either be a PPC or pay-per-thousand mile feature, which offers demographic on location, age, and gender, with the ability to customize information like company name, job title, group, e.t.c.

A sponsored message could be a perfect way to advance content based on thought-leadership in targeting high-potential customers with a call to action.

5.  Publish Quality Content

Another contributor to LinkedIn's marketing strategy is good content. Firms can use them to target customers on different levels along their marketing process.

Cashback advertising is a unique marketing strategy that gives customers a free sample of products for a part of the money spent in a transaction. Businesses often use cashback advertising to entice prospects and customers to purchase their goods so they can take the cashback from the customer's total cost.

Cashback advertising has a lot of benefits for businesses. Let's look at a few of them:

Increase Sales for Your Business

Cashback advertising integration is an excellent way of increasing sales for your business. With this in place, your business can realize a higher return on investment. It will help you build a more intimate relationship with your customers which would encourage them to publicise your business to others thus increasing sales.

Builds Your Brand

Besides getting more customer engagement, advertising also helps your business with branding. You can always trust cashback to get customers' positive views about your business.

We've discussed website design and its crucial role in enhancing your digital marketing campaign. It is essential because visitors to your site need to find it friendly and supportive of online navigation.

Similarly, website accessibility is about how accessible your business website is. Frankly enough, prospects will find your website boring and unprofessional when they need to Google their way through your services. That would be a slap in the face!

Why Do You Need Website Accessibility?

There are different reasons why your digital marketing strategy needs to include website accessibility. Depending on the product you sell or the service you offer, people who will be landing on your website will have different physical needs. Your website design should be structured to meet customers' basic needs to buy from you and give them a smooth experience.

So that you know, you will retain more customers with better website accessibility than you will with SEO. Thus, the need for your website to be welcoming.

You will need website accessibility for one or more of the following:

Customer Retention

You will likely retain more customers with a website that offers seamless web page transition, easy navigation, and a responsive layout. The experience you offer will give them a good impression about your service or product which only keeps them coming.

Good User Experience

Good website accessibility gives users a rollercoaster experience when they go through your business platform. All the elements on your website have to be tailored towards satisfying your customers.

Serve More Users

Some users are not just on your website for purchase; they are there, hoping that one day they will find your product or service helpful. You can leverage website accessibility to achieve this on a whole new level.

A good business image will no doubt influence the decision of a customer to either buy from you or not. For most businesses, the starting point of building a good brand is ⁰ the digital space—where most of the marketing campaign happens.

Recently, brand reputation focuses on the online opinion of your customers. Potential customers may need to see evidence of your good product or service in the form of customer reviews before they can trust your business. Since the digital image of your company has a way of influencing the decision of prospects, you must monitor your brand reputation. Yet, this can be a painstaking task, especially when a large part of it is not within your control.

Reputation management is the marketing practice where a business influences stakeholder perception. It includes keeping watch over the conversation and perception of customers, responding to critics, and taking advantage of opportunities to build your business.

Fortunately, we have more tools, working together with unique strategies to ensure businesses can better protect their brand in 2022. We understand that building and securing your brand image isn't an easy task to come by. Nonetheless, we have helped you to create an easy brand reputation scheme to secure your business.

Reputation Management

Let's comb through some reputation management schemes you can easily incorporate into your digital marketing campaign. You must remember that the reputation management process is a “rinse and repeat” loop as none of the steps is a “one-off” stage.

Do Your Research

The rate-limiting step to building your brand reputation is by conducting research. It is the stage where you harvest customer reviews or feedback about your service or product. It helps you know what people are saying about you. At this stage of your brand reputation management, do not leave any stone untouched as you aim to discover all types of conversations about your business.

Conduct an Audit

You can conduct an audit on the information gathered from your research. You can obtain vital information like customer reviews, website reviews, and feedback from all social media platforms connected to your business. You can start by searching for your business on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. You can as well search for keywords that are relevant to your business. Using a reputation management facility can make the process much easier.

Structure a Reputation Management Strategy

Now that you have an overview of all the feedback from your customers, it is up to you to find areas that require more focus and improvement. If, for example, most of the conversation surrounding your business centers on unfavorable service, you will need to work hard to improve the customer experience of that service. As such, you'll also need to structure a solid reputation management strategy that responds to your customers' feedback.

If you are stuck on how to structure an ideal reputation management strategy, below are ideas that will inspire you:

  • Who Will Look Out for Online Conversation?

Appoint people who will be in charge of consistently monitoring customer activities around your business. Customer service personnel are usually the best fit for this position as they know customers' behavioral patterns toward a service or product.

Those appointed for this role should be trained on how to handle monitor customer conversation online and also respond to comments.

  • Deciding Which Comments Require Response

Indeed, not all comments, feedback, and reviews require a response, as some of your customers only speak badly about your business. These comments are not genuine and only targeted at staining your brand reputation.

You'll have to prioritize comments you respond to based on how truthful they speak of your brand, positively or negatively. Plus, you cannot reply to every random comment.

  • Response Tone

Forget about giving an adequate response to the comment and reviews of customers about your brand if it won't meet up with a consistent brand tone. If, for instance, you respond to a positive comment in a pleasant and friendly manner, but you respond harshly to criticism from customers, it will present your business bias and disloyalty, especially if the criticism is constructive.

To deliver a consistent response time, ensure that you have a system that guides your response tone and ensures to abide by it. Should crises that are hard to control occur, there should also be a management strategy that puts shut it down subtly.

Start Taking Action on Customer Reviews

Understanding the angle from which customers view your business is an invalidate tool for improving your services. Their pain points point to actions that should be taken and given the utmost attention, while positive feedback indicates that you are doing the right thing and should continue.

As you plan to take reputation management more seriously as a part of your digital marketing strategy, work on taking appropriate action.

The use of AI Chatbots is gaining mileage in the world of digital marketing today. Not only are businesses moving towards automation, but they also appreciate the input of cutting-edge advancement in meeting every of their automation needs.

Below are the benefits of artificial intelligence chatbots in digital marketing.

Cuts Cost

AI Chatbots allow you to serve more customers with lower efforts and resources. It is not a complete replacement for human input, but you don't have to worry about adding a digital robot to your pay list. They also work 24/7, so investing in an AI chatbot is wise.

They Help Diversify Traffic

Chatbots are of great help in segmenting traffic. They do so by leading an individual conversation with customers in a unique direction based on their information. If a customer inquiring about your pricing will likely cause a warm lead. The AI chatbot can help customers easily place an order from the conversation. Chatbots can provide more information about your products or services to potential customers.

Provides Immediate Response

Instant reply to customers' queries allows them to get an immediate solution, which results in a better user experience. If correctly utilized, AI Chatbots can directly impact your conversion rate as a brand.

Ideal for any Business

You can customize an AI chatbot to fit into different businesses. Regardless of your business type, you can always integrate a chatbot to meet your business needs.

Improves Engagement

The conversation is similar to apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Messenger e.t.c., with a large base audience. It allows you to sustain proper communication with a large target audience.

Nurturing Leads

AI chatbot in marketing allows you to channel your prospects along your sales funnel rapidly. If you sell fashion bags, you can present your AI chatbot to display different models and colors of bags to help warm leads.

Knowing that AI Chatbots are essential for your digital marketing, it will also interest you to know how they function to see your business to success:

Placing Orders

If you run an e-merchant store, you will appreciate the input of a chatbot in helping your customers instantly make orders from the conversation. In the case where customers are not yet ready to make a purchase

Customer Support

AI Chatbots are an excellent option for attending to frequently asked questions. Aside from being on standby for customers, Chatbots can help you solve several problems related to your service.

Meeting Scheduling

During an inquiry conversation, it is easy for your customers to forget necessary appointments. A chatbot is very useful in scheduling and keeping up with events and meetings. You can also sync meeting information with Google calendar, rest assured, never to miss the date.

Conversational texting in digital marketing is a business technique that combines engagement and intimacy, harnessing the power of 2-way communication to create a low-friction, convenient channel for improving engagement. It helps to grow your business, leveling your customer support service.

The primary focus of conversational texting in digital marketing is on building good customer relationships. Conversational texting gives businesses a documented way of engaging in 2-way conversation with their customers.

By bringing together an auto-response, personalized additions, and asynchronous messaging, businesses can easily have a pleasing texting experience. Customers can have an immersive experience in conversational texting by leveraging cutting-edge technology in your texting tactic.

More than 70 percent of businesses and marketers not implementing video marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy have proposed incorporating this tactic into their campaign in 2022. A recent survey showed that more than 90 percent of marketers in large firms who already use the video marketing method plan to put more effort into boosting customer engagement.

Businesses require video marketing to generate leads and educate their customers. Its importance in communicating information across different platforms has transformed video creation. Video production today has become more affordable and easier to actualize. You can shoot high-quality, 4K videos for your marketing with your smartphone without extra costs.

How Video Marketing Impacts Your Business

Beyond having the right video marketing strategy and equipment, you still need to know how this marketing strategy affects your business.

Video Marketing Encourages Cross-platform Sharing

Video is one of the most popular types of content on social media platforms, with promising engagement. Popular social platforms like TikTok and YouTube are centered on video sharing, assuring an extensive audience reach. You can also sync videos with similar media like Instagram and Facebook.

Furnishes Search Engine Optimization

Many marketers include video as part of their search engine optimization tactic. It improves their ranking on SERPs by increasing web page quality and retention time of site visitors. A video serves as an added advantage to business owners because it allows visitors to spend more time on your website.

Increases Lead Acquisition

More than 80 percent of businesses acquire their leads from video marketing on specific platforms, including their website. You can use videos to describe a product or service, informing prospects about their brand.

Appeals More to Smart Device Users

Prospects or customers with access to smart devices like PCs, tablets, and smartphones are the primary target audience of video marketing. It is a remarkable statistic because more people are drawing towards creating an online presence for themselves. Due to innovative technology, your business has more advantages with video marketing than ever.

A Great Tool for Educating Your Customers

From the percentage of people who love to watch video content about services and products, a higher portion of users want “how-to” and “educative” videos. Video marketing can help you meet your customers' needs by providing value and information to them. It helps your customers remain informed about your product or service and walks them through the particular experience that you offer.

Several other ways to direct your video marketing strategy to get the best result.

We live in an era where technology continues to develop in the form of app development, which is most important for business. From data provided by Yahoo, most firms discovered that a stunning 90 percent of usage on mobile devices comes from applications. Google has also confirmed that about 81 percent of smartphone users use phones for consultations before purchasing anything. This is why your customer is most likely to remain loyal to your service when you have an easily accessible mobile app.

Bringing mobile app development into your digital marketing strategy is the most vital part of modern marketing. You have access to customer data, which simplifies the customer buying process. You can also share promotions from your business seamlessly with customers using this approach to marketing without worrying much about growing your email list.

Once your mobile app has an impressive UI and UX, it will allow your customers to reach you quickly. Instead of going through a long route of using emails or websites, they can simply get all their needs through the mobile app. Also, if you provide value, it will also help you gain more downloads and reviews on Google PlayStore and Apple Stores.

You can use mobile app development for the following purpose as a marketer or business owner:

Collect Customer Data for Marketing Strategy

Mobile app development is a perfect way to harvest important information about customers. Rather than sending messages to prospects, hoping they sign up for your email list, mobile app development can make the task a thousand times easier.

There are different ways to mine customer data from mobile applications. It could be from sign-ups, complaints or inquiries, payment for a service or product, e.t.c.

Mobile App Development Expands Your Business Reach

If you want to expand your business reach, a mobile application makes it much more manageable. Customers can simply connect to your business from your mobile app. It makes it easier to find you and engage with your service instead of searching the internet. Having an application also gives your business a worldwide presence, putting you in an advantaged position above local businesses. Also, it will distinguish you from your competition and help you provide an unmatched user experience to your audience.

Push Notifications for Engagement

Push notifications are a significant part of app development for businesses that focus more on engaging their customers with new features, drop-dead discounts, and improvements in their service. These notifications will remain on customers' lock screen or status bar but are not too obstructive to disturb their smartphone activities.

Also, customers should be allowed to turn off notifications whenever they choose to. It makes your application less annoying than website notification pop-ups that you cannot control.

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Why You Need A Digital Marketing Agency

Undoubtedly, digital marketing covers numerous aspects that can be technical for business owners to handle alone. Although you can take digital marketing courses on learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, HubSpot and others. However, it will take much time before you can get a hang of it. Also, it will cost you money because the best courses are not free. Marketing your business online requires that you handle the content created and also monitor the response of your audience. It will definitely cut into your business time.


It Allows You To Focus On Your Business

Imagine you're running a food vendor and you deliver food to your customers. Between cooking, arranging the food and delivering it, there's no time for you to market effectively on digital platforms. There's a high chance that you'll make a lazy attempt that will do nothing to bring in fresh customers. With a marketing agency, all you need is to determine a realistic budget that the experts can work with.


They Have The Right Tools

Some tools help you gain the best results in digital marketing. Being a regular business person, you don't know those tools nor do you know how to use them. Instead of racking your brain and going through constant stress just to figure out how to use them, why not outsource? Many tools in digital marketing are paid tools that require subscriptions, including that to your monthly budget can become quite expensive in the long run.


Professional Touch

Even digital marketing keeps evolving as new trends are entering the market. If you decide to handle it all by yourself, there's a high chance you will build digitally relying on obsolete resources. For example, SEO has seen significant changes in a couple of years because of the need to integrate more human-based strategies for ranking. A good digital marketing agency already knows this because they've worked with multiple clients and are always at the edge of such information. Trusting them means you will enjoy updated features that will allow you to compete better in recent times.

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Many types of digital marketing are intertwined and they require different skill sets to make them work effectively. For example, you cannot separate SEO from Web Design because they go hand-in-hand. Although digital marketing can seem overwhelming, you have nothing to worry about if you take it one step at a time. That way, you will reach your marketing goals with greater effectiveness.

Whichever strategy you have chosen to adopt in growing your business, ensure that it meets your customers' interests. Using the appropriate digital marketing type will suffice if your brand product focuses on people who spend a reasonable amount of time on social media platforms. Digital Marketing will help you build a massive audience and reach them but you must first master it or just hire someone to do the job.

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency that can help your business grow online? Contact us today for more details, we're ready to help you.