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// 84% of the consumers claim they trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations

// 88% of people say that online reviews have had a major impact on their buying decisions in the past.

// 88% of consumers claim good ranking reviews to make them trust a local business more

// 92% of the overall B2B buyers will more likely purchase from a business after reading a trusted review

// 94% say that an online review has convinced them avoid a business. Moreover, businesses risk losing almost 22% of customers due to a single negative feedback.

Want to convert your website visitors into leads and sales? You need to built TRUST. And you can do that by managing your online reputation.

Generate High-Ranking Reviews Automatically

With our advanced review generation solution, you can easily connect any CRM and automatically request your clients/customers to leave a review (or product/service) via SMS or Email.

These review requests can be sent by anyone on your team, if and when required.

A Single Click Will Take Your Customers to Leading Review Sites

With automated one-click review generation on multiple leading sites, you can control the right review balance across different sites. Local Services USA works with numerous publishers.

Address Negative feedback the Smart Way

Got a negative feedback from your customer? Manage it directly in private.

Effective Team Management & Engagement

You can evaluate team performance with promoter & detractor scoring – team scorecard.

Also, you can easily manage and monitor your business reviews with a review stream that works in real time.

You will even be able to maintain conversation history as well as track customer activity right from “hello” to “thank you”.

Pricing & FAQ

What's the pricing structure?

Local Services USA offers various packages starting at $60 per month. This includes Review Generation Automation One-Click Review Free Setup/Installation Unlimited Team Members & More!

How does automated review generation actually work?

While doing it manually, you'd have to send links to your customers/ clients along with a personalized message. You'd have to handcraft them manually and spend hours handling your online reputation. However, with automated review generation, you won't have to worry about any single one of it as you will be automating the entire process.

How quick can you improve review ranking?

Let's say you begin with a 3-star ranking, and if we assume that you have several clients, then we can achieve a 4-star ranking within 2 months.

What's the optimal ranking average?

Research indicates that 4.2-4.5 review ranking will help you leave a great impression in front of your audience and convert your leads into sales in a much efficient manner. 

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Managing your brand's reputation in the online world has become more important than ever before.

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Trust Us To Manage Your Online Reputation

Reputation is the notions or opinions that someone holds about something. Make sure you know more about managing your business reputation. Reputation Management ensures you have a positive image in your business or company and aligns with its purpose and objectives.

Individuals mainly check the remarks and feedback of whatever they want to buy online before getting it or making inquiries about their services. Reputation management is digital. It is the method of monitoring, observing, and influencing your image, company or business digital reputation, and credibility.

People check the star ratings and remarks daily on social media, blogs, and other social platforms. Knowing what people are saying about your business is priceless and invaluable. Reputation management allows you to face or solve any negative remarks or feedback that can damage your company's or image reputation. It also builds an alternative to facilitate the knowledge of your positive mentions on social platforms. A crucial online reputation management strategy can empower you with different options and insight on improving brand perception.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management can be defined as the means of influencing the audience's opinion of the brand by acknowledging client feedback. Firms use online platforms monitoring schemes and comments from a customer care team to scrutinise reputation. They oversee their reputation through emails, social media and chatbots.

What Our Client Says

How Does Reputation Management Work?

We have three stages of reputation management. The stages include:

  1. Dealing with negativity.
  2. Developing a strategy.
  3. Feedback detection.


Feedback Detection

Feedback detection is the first stage in dealing with negative comments. First of all, check for harmful remarks about your company or services. Examples of the platforms you can check are eBay and Amazon. These platforms are under eCommerce, and they are known worldwide. If you have an online platform to run your business or render service to people, you can monitor your reviews on Google search and request the customer feedback report. This stage is critical, and you will have to leverage this to have a positive reputation. 

Take note of what people discuss about your brand and services, especially your customers. The customers are the ones that can bring other people, so you have to take their comments seriously. A negative word about your brand can destroy your company, and a positive one can turn your business around.  Communicate or create a rapport with your clients because most business deals are done online. If you cannot use the tools, you can employ the service of a reputation manager.


Developing a Strategy

Make sure all your feedback is in one place. This is easier to detect than any report. After checking for negative comments, develop a strategy to counter the negative feedback. Negative feedback can result from low-quality products or poor service rendered to former clients. To counter this, you must develop a strategy to solve those comments or maintain your company's reputation.

When you oversee your resources, your reputation management will progress. 


Handling Negativity

We have different ways of handling harmful clients' statements online. Once you have seen their negative reviews or post on social media,  make a move to solve the issue as soon as possible. Analyze each problem, apologize and, if possible, compensate the client for any trouble the issue might have caused. Some of the ways to handle negativity are:

  • Make sure you request for a lawful takedown if someone tries to harm your business by publicizing misleading information about your brand;
  • Proactively respond to public complaints about current changes in your pricing policy;
  • Submit press releases to online websites to restrict harmful content;
  • Give out autonomous services or discounts to YouTube and Instagram reviewers to improve chances for positive feedback and
  • Obtain positive feedback from public figures and social media influencers relevant to your niche.

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How to Create a Reputation Management Strategy

We have six stages of creating a good reputation management strategy. They include:

This is one of the strategies for having a good reputation for your business through social media platforms where you have your brand. You can check the comments by people concerning your brand on many social platforms. This will help with managing your reputation.

You can check for feedback at your online store where you render your service. This will help in monitoring your online business on any social platform. You will be able to quickly detect any harmful comments about your brand.

Ensure you take your customers into consideration when you want to respond to certain feedback from an unsatisfied client. Make sure you follow a format in responding to the clients concerning their complaints so that it will be faster. 

Decide on which social platforms are more important for your firm reputation and set time to work on your feedback. You can write it down so that you will not forget. Setting priority on things you must do is very essential when managing business. It will assist you in business progress and not to miss any necessary tasks.

 A professional manager is in the best place to manage your business. You will not need to stress yourself by monitoring your comments box or checking for negative comments. The manager can work on flexible hours just to monitor your business online. The manager can even work from home, you do not need to get an office for the service rendered.

Ensure you do everything possible to anticipate and curb negative feedback because it is the easiest and cheapest way to sustain a good business reputation. You will not need to spend much to prevent negative and eliminate harmful comments.

  • Make sure you check the delivery deadlines, create a fair return policy, and allocate discounts to your services if need be.

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Elements of Reputation Management

Just like we have six strategies for good reputation management, we also have three core elements of reputation management. These elements are essential in building a positive reputation in your business. They are:

  1. Reputation Building
  2. Reputation Repair and
  3. Reputation Monitoring


Reputation Monitoring

Professional reputation management counselors address each company reputation technique based on their intentions. Assessing your established online existence is essential. A reputation professional makes use of the outcomes of this type of judgment to formulate a tailored reputation monitoring strategy. Monitor the networks regularly since online reputation management aims to secure a positive reputation across all social platforms.

This element is crucial in deducing activities for reputation building and repair. Reputation Monitoring comprises standardized examinations of tracking relevant press, analyzing search result scales, and social media platforms. Reputation Monitoring means continually examining the way people view you online.


Reputation Repair

Reputation repair is the act of curbing harmful content on social media platforms. When a reputation management firm opts for a reputation repair strategy, any online search pertaining to you or your firm will yield only favorable results.

Suppose you are repairing your reputation personally, you should focus on eliminating harmful content. You can prevent unremovable topics by building new favorable topics with Reputation Building.


Reputation Building

Reputation Building is a vital component of Reputation Management. Reputation building helps in building favorable topics to improve your reputation online. Reputation repair dependently will not develop a great online reputation.

Reputation Building advertises the kind of content that best defines your objectives.  Frequently establishing topics that align with your firm will help curb those unfavorable comments from increasing. When you make topics that indicate your business, it is as if you are building a wall around your brand against any new unfavorable news.

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Should Industries and Companies devote money to their Reputation Management?

Yes, because It is not just about establishing a decent picture of yourself in people’s minds, but keeping that picture going and making it brighter day after day.

Always note that it does not matter how good your product or service is since, in this new world, you are as good as your reputation. People judge you according to your reputation and the decisions based on that. So, suppose you do not invest in your reputation management as a business owner and run into false accusations or misleading information about your business. In that case, you only have yourself to blame.

Importance of Reputation Management

  1. Image
  2. Trust and Credibility
  3. Recruitment
  4. Rank Higher in Search Engines
  5. Dispel Malicious Rumors
  6. Correct Misleading Information
  7. Improved Bottom Line
  8. Higher Revenues
  9. Collect information about your customers



Maintaining a professional image is a very crucial marketing tool for a company. A business house might need a lot of time to persuade potential customers to use the products or services. Small firms and startups succeed from reputation management strategies because it enables them to create and uphold a professional business image. While more prominent and popular businesses are already recognized for a strong reputation, becoming complacent is not an advantage. A firm with a professional photograph is likelier to captivate customers than companies with a confused or sloppy image.

Current and possible customers would attempt to read up about a business separation by checking out the name on Google. Since customers do not have a better idea about a business, they will be cautious about the accessible online information and then decide. Therefore, if possible customers find a negative reputation, they will have nothing to do with your business. Thus, it would be suitable for the business house to eliminate its negative reputation.

Several people are unaware that adequate reputation management can enable a business to get exceptional sales. Increased sales can significantly promote the brand image of the company.

It doesn't matter whatever kind of business you are running; reputation management is essential. Giving great interest to reputation management can boost a company and drastically increase its SEO ranks. At the same time, it can assist a company in gaining consumers' trust.


Trust and Credibility

Increasing the customer's trust and credibility is essential in reputation management. It is about the way people acknowledge a brand. With customers trusting online reviews, gaining the trust of customers is essential.  Once you earn the customers' trust, the existing customer would talk about the company to others.

A lot of priority is set on online reviews to agree on whether to trust a brand. Good reputation management can effortlessly assist a business in gaining trust. Thus, positive reviews can lead potential customers to believe in the business even more. A good reputation means that the company is more reliable than its competitors.



It is imperative to have a good reputation. You can hire a manager that will be in charge of this department. The manager will ensure that no negative remarks can bring the company down. With this, there will be no staff shortage during the recruitment stage. People will want to work or render their services to a company or firm where there are positive comments about it.


Better Search Engine Ranking

The Internet has become a major source of getting data about businesses and firms for customers. Online reviews can generate a substantial influence on SEO. It is because search engine algorithms perceive that customers do not joke with  the company's online reviews when they want to make any decision. Therefore, a business that makes sure to put more effort into dealing with its online reputation gets rewarded with enhancing SEO visibility.


Dispel Malicious Rumors

Some people will try to ruin your reputation by posting rumors even if you have a devoted and trustworthy company. You can destroy your company's reputation if these harmful and deceitful posts are not corrected immediately. A reputation management company can handle erroneous information and profit from your business's importance. A trustworthy service provider has the tools and skills to dissipate misleading information and horrible rumors about your company or industry.


Correct Misleading Information

Ask a reputation management company to assist in correcting misleading information because this can lead to the downfall of your business if professionals do not handle it.


Improved Bottom Line

Several clients surf the Internet to know whether the company they are contemplating is worth their time, service, and money. You can enhance your company’s revenue by being conscious of how people view your trademark. Reputation management helps improve your firm’s sales by discovering what customers like or don’t like about the products or services. When you understand what makes clients want to avoid your offerings, you will have the chance to perform the essential or crucial alterations and developments.


Higher Revenues

Customers use the trust to discern a business from competitors; it can effectively disseminate the brand's credibility. When a brand is considered reasonable, it can boost the business's sales.


Collect Information About Your Customers

Collecting data about how your customers view your product or service helps you make the proper change. By doing so, you can increase your client's satisfaction, which will cause improvement in your sales and will lead to more income. It is the expected outcome, is it?

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Benefits of Reputation Management


More Business Opportunities

One of the benefits of reputation management is more business opportunities. When your business or company is known for positive remarks and comments, you will get more clients, and they will even refer your business to others due to your service and good reputation.


Lower Marketing Costs

It will reduce your marketing cost because your one positive remark by the clients is yielding results. You will not have to market your service at the level someone with negative remarks will do.


Attracts Loyal Supporters

Reputation Management will automatically attract loyal supporters because they will always want to have business deals with trustworthy companies. Your supporter will remain loyal if you have a good reputation.


More Customers and Sales

Good reputation management yields more customers and boosts the sales of your business. You do not need to advertise your products or services because you have a good reputation. Your company will be known because of your good reputation management skills. This skill will help the company get new customers and increase sales.


Distinguishes You From Competitors

Having good reputation management will distinguish you from your competitors. It will make your brand unique and top-notch. A good reputation is the first step in differentiating yourself from competitors. Clients will be drawn to your company if you have a good reputation.


Promotes Good Relationships With Clients

It will also promote good relationships between you and your clients. You can communicate on mutual ground and understand each other. Taking good care of your clients should be your primary goal because, without your clients, there is no service to render.


Cost-Free Advertising

Reputation Management makes advertisement cost-free. The amount you need to advertise your business will reduce drastically. This will help save money, and you will be able to use the funds to grow your business or services.


Attract Better Quality Prospective Employees

Your business will attract like-minded clients, which will make business transactions easier. Your clients will even influence your business because there will serve as a channel through which you will be able to advertise your services and products.


Higher Company Value

Your company value will improve as a result of Reputation Management. The shares in your company will also have more value.

Suppose you can not handle your company's reputation. In that case, it will be better to employ the service of a professional reputation management company or use the tools listed to manage your business in case you want to manage it yourself.

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How Can I Monitor My Business Reputation?

You can use tools like Talkwalker, Google Alerts, SEMRush, and so on to track your reputation. Reputation management concentrates on what you want people to write and believe about your company, while reputation monitoring focuses on what people say about it. Monitoring your business reputation involves keeping a persistent eye on the platforms that clients use to discuss your company with others and the media they use to interact with your company. This will enable you to make developments to maintain a positive and truthful picture of your company and the benefits you give.

How Can You Improve Your Business Reputation?

Suppose your company is experiencing a huge backfall as a result of many comments online. In that case, there are a few tips you have to follow to build your business or company so that you can eliminate any negative remarks.

Stick to Your Word

A negative reputation can be the result of a simple misunderstanding. To avoid this, ensure your goal is specified both internally and externally. Communicate with your clients on a mutual level. Clients who align with rules and regulations will make your business grow. When customers know what to expect, creating trust and improving a positive reputation will be much easier.

Use Social Media Proof

You need to be social to increase trust and reliance on your reputation. Display each positive acknowledgment or testimonials you receive. But don’t just release them to your website where they may never be seen. Promoting your achievements on social media is how you use your positive reputation to increase your client base. You can take a picture of how you operate your business to make your clients trust you.

Improve Customer Service

It is essential to improve your customer care services. Poor customer service has received a bad reputation, and that kind of bad reputation is difficult to recover from. Avoiding a bad situation is better than solving it. So, ensure your customer service is top-notch.

Communication and Transparency

You need to be informed that your reputation solely depends on how people perceive your business. All emails, letters, voicemails, or any other means of communication should be respectful, instructive, professional, formal, concise, and grammatically correct.

Always Be Honest

You can never achieve trust by telling an untruth. If your company or you make a mistake, admit the problem and make it right. A cover-up is an easy way to attain a bad reputation. The best approach is always honesty because honesty is the best policy.


Different factors influence business success. Some factors are; the quality and quantity of products and services rendered, efficient and effective customer service, strong, reliable, and trustworthy administration, and effective marketing techniques and policies. Nonetheless, all of these factors can be affected or ruined by one or more bad online reviews or remarks overnight!

Overseeing your firm’s reputation effectively and efficiently needs the creativity of a reputation management firm.